Rough notes with Strava links for 2021. 60 days listed here with a few double-headers. Achieved goal of skiing all states rockies or west in a single season; ordered CA, WA, ID, MT, OR, NV, WY, UT, CO, NM, AZ.

Thanks all along the way — see you in 2022!

2020-11-21Mt HighCAday one mt high tele views | Alpine Ski | Strava
2020-11-28Mt HighCAcatalina to mojave views ++ gear test pass con four skis y two boots | Alpine Ski | Strava
2020-12-06Mt HighCAmt high with dirt mode bonus pct hike | Alpine Ski | Strava
2020-12-13Big BearCAbig bear buffleheads in the ski pool | Alpine Ski | Strava
2020-12-20Mt HighCAmt high lifts now open till 10 y uphills skins tested on the bunny | Alpine Ski | Strava
2020-12-25Mt ShastaCAshasta christmas tele walkabout | Backcountry Ski | Strava
2020-12-26AlpentalWAalpental avalanche rescue practice | Backcountry Ski | Strava
2020-12-29AlpentalWAalpy tele twos | Nordic Ski | Strava
2020-12-3149 DegreesWA49 degrees north + deep above 4800ft sun above 55ish? | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-01-0149 DegreesWAfresh year for afternoon freshies at 49 degrees | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-01-024th of JulyID4th of July pass skiabout | Nordic Ski | Strava
2021-01-03LookoutMTlookout foot plus returns con walt | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-01-09Mt SpokaneWAmt spokane nordic skate a wild moose y mica | Nordic Ski | Strava
2021-01-09Mt SpokaneWAspokane skin up to the lifts truckbed return | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-01-10Silver MtIDsilver mt two walks sunny morning con eltern | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-01-16Spout SpringsORspout springs inches thick ice crust with a view | Backcountry Ski | Strava
2021-01-17Ruby MtsNVruby lamoille roads end scout sled assist with TC looks | Backcountry Ski | Strava
2021-01-22JacksonWYjackson foot plus taste of headwall season firsts | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-01-23JacksonWYtwo trams gate two not cody hi bob | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-01-24BeaverUTbeaver wasatch cache three inch fresh on thirty | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-01-26Ogden NordicUTskate skiing in jeans | Nordic Ski | Strava
2021-01-30SnowbasinUTsnow basin two skis on one foot plus | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-01-31Powder MtUTpowmo lightning cat to black crows team sauvage | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-02-02BrightonUTbrighton tuesday chill *tacos | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-02-03Park CityUTpark city jupiter peak returns | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-02-04AltaUTalta thursday six plus all day liz guided | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-02-05SnowbirdUTsnowbird storm day wow | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-02-06AltaUTalta albion to mineral basin saturday afternoon love | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-02-07Cherry PeakUTcherry peak sunday sun | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-02-09Ogden NordicUTogden nordic halfway to 40k snowy morning stretch | Nordic Ski | Strava
2021-02-12Powder MtUTpowmow baby’s first snow pit rain tree y woolys | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-02-13Big CottonwoodUTaai rec avi two day one spruces camp to powder park | Backcountry Ski | Strava
2021-02-14Big CottonwoodUTrec avi two day two bcc mill d little water y powder plus | Backcountry Ski | Strava
2021-02-15Little CottonwoodUTrec avy two day three white pine little cottonwood | Backcountry Ski | Strava
2021-02-19AltaUTlong alta day with 60+ new inches | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-02-20BrightonUTfun Brighton day inside the ropes with Ryan y moment demo afternoon | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-02-21Mountain DellUTsunny mountain dell i80 watch out snow snakes! | Nordic Ski | Strava
2021-02-24Snowy RangeWYsnowy range calm day on wind swept local slopes | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-02-27BluebirdCObluebird backcountry continental divide walkabout | Backcountry Ski | Strava
2021-02-28SteamboatCOpowder y halfpipe luxury too | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-03-06Wolf CreekCOwolf creek classic sunny alberta afternoon | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-03-07Wolf CreekCOwolf creek pass lobo backside | Backcountry Ski | Strava
2021-03-12Neff MtCOneff mountain yurt walkabout two nights and a storm! | Backcountry Ski | Strava
2021-03-18Santa FeNMfirst ride of the season on familiar santa fe paths | Ride | Strava
2021-03-20Santa FeNMsanta fe local chill happy spring | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-03-21Wolf CreekCOcontinental best happy spring four plus inches | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-03-27TellurideCOtelluride wow hi friends | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-03-28TellurideCOtelluride one and done palmyra peak hike | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-03-31IrontonCOone more quick skate through a ghost town near Ouray | Nordic Ski | Strava
2021-04-02SilvertonCObirthday silverton guided plus single heli for a “meatball” run in the sandwich zone | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-04-03SilvertonCOSilverton afternoon ridgeline | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-04-04Crested ButteCOcrested butte closing day peak party | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-04-11SnowbowlAZArizona snowbowl fun in the sun | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-04-18Lee CanyonNVVegas altitude closing day | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-05-06MammothCAmammoth lunch one lap slowly | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-05-08MammothCAdouble the rides double the pleasure “scouting” gondola assist | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-05-08MammothCAbike ski hike red cone mammoth crest firsts | Ride | Strava
2021-05-30MammothCAhappy june y’all lets go check mt adams in a few days ?? | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-05-31MammothCAmammoth closing happy memorial day monday | Alpine Ski | Strava
2021-06-12Mt AdamsWAmt adams firsts lunch counter loop | Backcountry Ski | Strava
2021-06-19Mt AdamsWAmt adams pikers peak proper y southwest chutes dawn to dusk | Backcountry Ski | Strava
2021-06-20Mt HoodORhood illumination solstice sunset wow | Backcountry Ski | Strava