2021-04 – Vegas Mt Charleston / (Great Basin not 2021)

I would definitely recommend a visit to the Spring Mountains from Vegas if you are looking for a day/half-day trip.  The road goes up up up and travels through Yucca, then Juniper/Pinon, then sub-alpine forest with huge trees and views to snowy ridgelines.

Little Bristlecone Loop — 6 miles? through Aspen, huge pines, and some Bristlecone too.  It’s cooler up there, you’ll want a layer and probably pants if in the shade.  The trailhead was sunny between big trees at 4pm .  Haven’t hiked it just noted it for future.

Mary Jane Falls Trail looks interesting one canyon over, haven’t made it up to the end of this road yet.

Deer creek road between the two canyons goes up to 8400 over a shoulder and has some pullouts with trailheads.


2021-01-17 – Ruby’s Lamoille Canyon – 8 people in 3 parties on the TC chute! Successful walkabout at the canyon end with a short snowmobile assist =).

Nevada’s many mountain ripples include frequent snow-friendly elevations. The north-east Ruby mountains near Elko are a personal favorite, highly recommended for huge fall Aspen color.

2020-12-25 – Cedar Pass – Re-routed to Shasta

A Cedar pass tour will wait for another day, as the route made more sense to stick to i5 north.

Cedar Pass is technically in CA , but it’s strongly Nevada-flavored far north-eastern California.

I scouted this accidentally on the way south in October, and hoping to re-visit for a walk on Christmas day. Overnight nearby temps in nearby Black Rock City have dropped from barely freezing in October to fahrenheit teens late December with daytime highs now barely melty.

The “special weather statement” from NOAA is cheerful: If you insist on traveling during a winter storm, remember to pack some essentials like patience, extra food, water, battery packs for mobile devices, and holiday cheer.

Cedar Pass, CA / NV