Through 2020, I watched hundreds of hours of twitch streams from around the world. I would guess it ranks top for total hours from a audio/video source, followed roughly by youtube, soundcloud, twitter, netflix, disney+, hbo max, hotel cable (TCM), sling, other.

Channel Recommendations

Tech Notes

The notes below are exploring how to add text to speech for all chat messages for no-hands mobile use (e.g. twitch/zep_aki on a bike).


3rd Party Services


There is an obvious gap in all-chat text-to-speech Extensions. All of the existing options seem to require a bit donation to function. This looks likely related to the related Moderation policyExtensions must not allow end users to submit or publish user content unless the end user has granted the Extension access to their Twitch ID.

  • Say It Live – tts for bits via obs
  • Megaphone – tts for bits
  • Blerp – Sound commands as a SaaS
  • TwitchAudio – Song identifier service
  • Closed Captions – Exists for streamer, maybe redundant twitch features.
  • Voice commands for streamer? (e.g. Siri, Alexa, clap on clap off)


Stream Setup Examples