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on Thursday, April 2nd, 2009 ... ob: skip and smile

I turned 30, yes mee too. Love to all who touched and ~om~ // keep up the txt text!

30-venus-moonPlanetary #eclipse in #santafe ! Aiieeee!!! Happy earth day!
6:17 AM Apr 22nd from txt

Moon at dawn with star is mindblowing!!! Get up get up! ;)
5:57 AM Apr 22nd from txt

Watching impressive skaters play near watertower at railyard #santafe
7:33 PM Apr 21st from txt

Last shift of weekend ~ 3x dinner, 2x breakfast, 2x lunch ~ pack ’em in ;) ~ join tonight at andiamo #santafe
5:40 PM Apr 19th from txt

Marcy street card shop sez those rolls of perf’d stickers are discontinued ~ tragedy ~ stick a sticker today!!
3:05 PM Apr 18th from txt

Caught a few waves at moonlight beach , encinitas , san diego ~~ up up #pacificocean ~~ west coast ;)
3:00 PM Apr 12th from txt

North on i~5 at mission bay ~~ can someone lookup west coast high tide for me?? ~~ #sandiego
11:30 AM Apr 12th from txt

Commercial baking class ~~ cinnamon rolls today ~~ @cbmoocow not skiing again till may #abasin ;p
7:41 AM Apr 8th from txt

Yet still not comfy with awaking before sun ~~ but these rises will never get old ;)
7:36 AM Apr 8th from txt

Installing server 2008 while dreaming of snowy slopes and baked goods ~~ this life amuses ~~
11:40 AM Apr 7th from txt

A new decade of age makes, “how old are you”, newly entertaining ;p //
11:23 PM Apr 3rd from txt

Twenty-nine was a good year ;) ~~ love to all who helped ! ~~
9:38 PM Apr 1st from txt

white rooom

on Sunday, February 15th, 2009 ... ob: skip and smile + travel

Snow has success, 2009. Matt’s images from wallowa huts and the ghosts of nevada have me looking in years future. This year’s February, southern colorado served up a tasty helping of pow and high elevation north american views.


Volldampf voraus!

on Wednesday, December 26th, 2007 ... ob: geek + movement + skip and smile

santa-fe-ski-open-2007-gayway-santafeAll in Berlin — tomorrow begins 24th Chaos Communication Congress (24C3), hacker conference european extraordinare which appears to continue its growth.

Meanwhile locally, we continue to enjoy a bumper crop of organic, high-desert, powder. The backcountry is filling in, and Taos opens to snowboards march 19th. See you there ;p !!!!!!

doch, supe!

on Wednesday, October 31st, 2007 ... ob: skip and smile

Here’s another pumpkin for Justin, among others, ;).

pacman pumpkinLets see; Spanish past tense is fascinating and culinary classes should be challenging(?). On the other side of the chalkboard, I’ve little idea what to expect from upcoming substitute teaching k-12, but teaching on the snow has me giddy. Catering and Wine-ing continue alongside geeking, and webbing… and and.. enjoying the full schedule ;).

Also — please come join us at the 8th annual Santa Fe Film Festival! 200+ films in 4 days, mmm mmm good. I’m helping with volunteer organization this year, and enjoying a view at the volunteer game from the other side ;).

Finally — this Saturday in Berlin City, DE — the first ever chessboxing world light heavyweight title: from San Francisco, David “DOUBLE D” Depto 85 Kg rated 1850 vs. “ANTI TERROR” Frank Stoldt aus Berlin 84.5 Kg rated 2000. At Tape, just north of the 1 year old Hauptbahnhof… don’t miss.

Tonight! Juicy Moon (camping+bassbins!)

on Saturday, June 30th, 2007 ... ob: music + skip and smile

Join us tonight under a full moon to enjoy the tranquility of a brand new sound-system pushing tunes from DJs: 13 Pieces, DJ Flobug, Toast, Gudie, EV 1, Hijack.

Outoors within 45 minutes of the Plaza // Info at

This Saturday! Dance Parade NYC

on Thursday, May 17th, 2007 ... ob: movement + music + skip and smile

Goa at Karneval de Kultur 2006I’m quite excited to see the new Dance Parade planned this Saturday the 19th of May in NYC. It reminds of the Karneval der Kulturen of Berlin (upcoming May 25-28). While attending the 2006 Karneval, I had one of those, “this never happens in the states”, moments. Of course, both Berlin and NYC are exceptions within their nations, and it’s refreshing to see events with such potential kicking off for a first run this side of the border.

From their site: “We are celebrating everything from Break dance to Ballet with Burning Man Spirit and Love Parade Energy.” Well, Love Parade 2006 sounded and acted like the zombie it now is, but with alternatives like this — good riddance! This style of parade allows a few nice beat floats including a variety of styles (goa, dnb, trance, hip hop), something at which last years Love Parade failed miserably, while also blasting some Salsa, Irish, and Asian tunes to enjoy along the way!

As I’ve said about similar events in the past, the ultimate success of this event will be determined by the accessibility of public participation. One key to Karneval in berlin is allowing everyone into the parade street to dance along. Oh, and sufficient volume never hurts ;). Kelley, I expect a personal review! ;) Looking forward to seeing the picutres!

[ed: photos from flicker tagged danceparade]

prag und linz

on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006 ... ob: gatherings + skip and smile + travel

I’m off for two weeks to Prague and Linz to a wonderful wedding and a stimulating ars electronica. I’m giddy about both. Even better, Ginger will be here for a visit upon return! Hope to see you along the way.

Echo, Cheer, Loop ( ФYЗИОН to Varèse )

on Wednesday, July 12th, 2006 ... ob: gatherings + music + skip and smile + travel

Long one for ya, then back to work. Hope you are enjoying the links!

I slept here at out back three of four nightsI found my way to fusion festival ( ФYЗИОН ) and back in one piece. Packed train ride up, hitch last 30k, hitch to Baltic Sea for a night on the coast, train home. Thanks to all my neighbors and ride buddies who made the trip what it was! Check the pictures and keep in touch — stop by anytime here in Berlin!

A short fusion festival 2006 review — favorite electronics: out back (pictured below — Zimbo / Petr / Antena / Orbital Dophins — absolute #1 favorite best of the fest, spoke twice with Zimbo(?), was there 5-7 hours every day Sat/Sun/Mon mornings, please add me to your list / get in touch and I’d happily bring any beeping gadgets I can find to play along, very much enjoyed!), wohnzimmer bar (best waking music around, reminded of classy small free outdoor), and radio bar (reliably good + FM + coffee). Otherwise, the live acts ruled: The Hungry Marching Band out of nyc gets my overall no-beeps fav for walking through the crowds and generally ripping it up (watch for ’em near you — playing honk fest in boston oct 7), manu chao was loads of fun live, and another band Fussel (i think?) wearing pig costumes and making /tons/ of noise midday on the Seebuehne — you guys were awesome. ( Full music schedule in pdf ). Gripes, clean up after yourselves — the place was disgusting; more participation/costumes/theme camps/etc; whoever left the ‘Acer’ default display on the screens through sunrise is fired, period. Otherwise, great fest. Props for playing Alice (Něco z Alenky) and other Švankmajer films on the late night movie schedule.

The world cup has come and gone. The united states managed to score 1 goal (no, the italian one doesn’t count). It was a thrill to watch the spectacle on the streets of berlin, and luckily even find my way into Game 11 (Brazil v Croatia) — the first ever played in the renovated Olympic Stadium from 1936 (thank you Jeff and Amber Slack, see you again soon!). In the spirit of this audio-themed post, I’ll narrow the experience down to three main highlights. 1) The Croatian fans in the stadium blew the Brazilians away with their perfectly timed echo/response cheers across the massive stadium; 2) My favorite game-watching technique was radio-by-headphones while touring the various cafe districts /covered/ with screens when needed; 3) The absolute coolest part of being amidst so many attempted live feeds was the half to multiple second delays between the various screens / radios / etc. It was possible to stand between two cafes a few feet apart and get a good 2 second echo on a goal due to lag — absolutely hilarious. // Whenever Deutschland played, it didn’t matter where I was, the cheers on a goal were audible throughout the country.

Zimbo / Antena at fusion festival / out backSonambiente wraps up this week after a month long run connecting sound + art. Wednesday’s evening with Frank Scheffer screening Sonic Acts: From Stockhausen to Squarepusher (1998) was a definite highlight. The film was quite well done; bringing together extensive interviews with Karlheinz Stockhausen, Squarepusher (Thomas Jenkinson), John Cage, Pierre Henry, Michel Waisvisz and DJ Spooky. Scheffer, who was a treat to hear speak before and after the showing, has also produced films around the likes of Frank Zappa, Gustav Mahler, and Brian Eno. He mentioned his curret production work on an Edgard Varèse film, whom he also offered in response to, “Who would you add to Sonic Acts now 8+ years later?”. Scheffer went even further and said that he finds Varèse beyond Cage, Stockhausen, or Squarepusher — if allowing a linear development in musical progression. He compared Varèse’s works to recent discoveries in quantum phsysics removing time from the picture, and implied Varèse’s incorporation of these ideas into musical structure (over 50 years ago). Great film, find it (and other Scheffer film) if you can, will push further into Varèse.

From afar, one more plug and top recommendation toward the recently discovered Shirley & Spinoza (begin with the archive!), self described: “collage, noise, experiments, thriftcore music and found sounds, concepts a go-go and earloads of wide swinging, varied unconventionality… generally in the spirit of keeping things interesting, unusual and of course, um…FUN!.” I’ve only heard a few hours, but this is an incredible collection to my tastes.

In closing, I found that germans I met were quite unsympathetic to my somewhat ecstatic descriptions and desires for 5-7am Chicken Hed sets aimed at high volume toward /camp/. Greets out to the nw crews — miss y’all.

.-.. . .- .-. -. — — .-. … .

cookie day and text text text

on Wednesday, June 21st, 2006 ... ob: gatherings + geek + general + skip and smile

Happy Solstice! I enjoyed a fantastic evening meal and bike ride with roomies and music under a large tree. Perfect weather. And now, it is /officially/ time to start dreaming about snow. Bring it ;).

Following solstice, now the 22nd, international day of the chocolate cookie, as promoted by Görlitzer Park this evening.

So yes, my posts are slacking as I’ve been too busy riding around the streets of Berlin; learning some sweet Javascript and XML tricks; and (oh yes) watching a few live world cup games along the way. In short — life is good, extremely full, and entirely berlin. For the first time since arrival, I’ll be making may way out of town through the end of next week to find fusion festival — thinking about all you from the northwest and NM who I won’t get to go camping with this summer(!)

One geek tip for the day. Working on the net with various circles, one instant message protocol seems never enough. Thankfully, I’ve re-discovered and finally accepted gaim into my life — and I couldn’t be happier. I’d tried it over the years but never found it satisfactory, until now. Handles: aim, msn, jabber (including gtalk), yahoo, irc, more if you have ’em — all in one ad-free window. One beast of an app, highly recommended. (MacOS see adium)

R.I.P. Seattle Friends

on Monday, March 27th, 2006 ... ob: general + music + skip and smile

shiny happy people

I was deeply saddened today to learn that the Seattle shooting mentioned yesterday on national news involved friends I had known rather as peaceful freaks out to spread laughter and mayhem. The network of folks who might easily have been unlucky Saturday morning is large and colorful. It is a culture to which I owe a sweet and chewy chunk of my identity — a culture deserved of sympathy, not misguided accusations, through the mourning of its loss.

Sunrise following a full night of music and play remains the setting of many fondest memories, something Jeremy Martin specialized in creating. Last Saturday, sunrise brought poorly aimed death. I will doubtless shed another tear, the next time I tap the morning away through just one more track. Thank you for the smiles and laughs… we will miss you. rest in peace.

Off to Berlin

on Thursday, January 26th, 2006 ... ob: skip and smile + travel

I booked my flight into Berlin today riding Aer Lingus from Boston through Dublin arriving April 21st. It will be my first travel outside north america since 1999 and I can’t wait to see the change. I’m still on the hunt for a place to live upon arrival, wish me luck!

Through my research I ran across an excellent collection of Discount airlines in Europe on wikitravel. My favorite off the list is definitely, which does an impressive job of showing fare variance both between carriers and by date, a full month at a time! I ended up avoiding the well-known Ryan air due to a 33lb baggage restriction, but may take advantage of their ~$20-30 flights throughout europe once I’m there.

Come visit for the world cup 2006 finals and we can watch the crowds amass in the streets of Berlin. Considering tickets are already easily pulling $5003000 (finals) on ebay, I think that’s as close as I’ll be getting to any seats ;)!

Let it snow! (and other geek)

on Wednesday, December 7th, 2005 ... ob: geek + general + photo + skip and smile

It’s official, ski santa fe will be opening this Saturday. We’re a far cry behind the rest of the country in snowfall this year, but who cares! I’m goin snowboarding Saturday ;).

We will be successful when we can find every digital photo in the world.“, that is, every single photo containing your face. Finally applying recent text and face recognition advancements to the massive quantity of publicly indexed digital photos, riya promises to bring you every image on earth you happen to have found your way into. (via enjoy-surveillance)

In rss, Track your favorite member of congress’ votes via rss.

Those in Santa Fe, I’ll be round and about the santa fe film festival much of the next 4 days, come visit.

I’ve held myself to a post-once-a-month minimum for some time now on this blog. Initially intended as just that, a minimum, it seems to have turned into a rigid norm. As an experiment, I’ll be holding myself to once-a-week through december. I expect it will be painless, and likely quite enjoyable.

Sidebar greets to morgan (fatgrrl, !!!) and ye ‘ole john schott (ratchetup, see you in Berlin!). Also enjoy-surveillance (in german) alongside dorkbot and near-near-future.

Sad to see will’s blog end, keep in touch!

whew.. first post since August that I didn’t mention wikipedia, i mean, drat….

borg2 votes cast

on Saturday, June 4th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + skip and smile

Well I’ve followed the borg2 madness as far as I may this year with burning man attendance looking unlikely (though phoenix festival moved back to klickitat, hmmmmm..), and cast my votes. In the spirit of exit poll results, I’ll share my choices here and now: The first $15k out of $20 was easy…

  • cranky – Dominique Vyborna’s sound amplifier is one of my favs.
  • playa hearth stop – cheap, easy, and everything I’ve wanted many a moment out there. A no-brainer vote.
  • hemispherical bridging – nerdy 48 hour sound experiment.
  • Fire Horse – a combination of paka’s rep and this badass project grabbed an expensive vote.
  • Vortex engine – promising.
  • Gaslight & Monsters – Kinetic sculptures and evil machines come to life at the twist of a knob or the pull of a lever. Plus huge magic lantern show. yeehaw.
  • Flaming Simon – recreation of the unforgettable memory game combined with flamethrowers. ’nuff.
  • Freud’s Salon – A simple psych office on the playa, and cheap. The possibilities for improv and interaction are worth it.

The last ~$5k I divided between my b-list choices: no borders books, mobilization records: f-space, weaver of worlds, hammock hangout, and strange pennies.

Honorable mentions just a tad beyond my $20k include the life size mouse trap and man amplifier.

Which brings me to a slight critique of the voting system. I would love to have given partial credit ($2.5k each or so) to the mousetrap and amplifier instead of adding my b-list choices, but no such voting was possible. Definitely something to consider, although I hate to suggest yet additional complexity to the process.

good luck all, hope to see some of the final projects.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Movie & Radio

on Saturday, April 30th, 2005 ... ob: media + skip and smile

Ten.Ten.Ten to fire things off today, see you in 5 years, 5 months, and 10 days! Went to see the new movie adaptation of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy last night, and, was pleasantly surprised ;). It actually ain’t that bad… perhaps even, good! No coincidence that Adams helped write the screenplay himself.

The opening sequence with the dolphins is fantastic, set to the tune So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, perfectly setting the stage for the stories narrative style and scope. The improbability drive scenes are fewer and lesser in complexity than I would have liked (the potential!), but well done nonetheless. Zaphod is sufficiently annoying ;), and the rest of the characters seem to avoid distracting too much from the story. Marvin, who I’d always seen as blockish, reminds me of robot prototypes from sony. Deep Thought even looks pretty neat, though I’d always thought of a cave. The movie sets itself up perfectly for a sequel beginning at the restaurant at the end of the universe… there is plenty of story left, we shall see.

Nonetheless, I feel I must take this opportunity to help direct potential newfound interest in the series where it matters, specifically radio. As the story goes, “The idea that became the Hitchhiker’s Guide happened whilst Douglas Adams was lying drunk in a field in Innsbruck.” (see beginnings) This idea was realized shortly thereafter as a 1978 radio comedy on the bbc, indeed, before the now famous books.

Regardless of previous experience with the series, these original shows are a guaranteed smile and a must-listen for any and all inhabitants of the universe. Fire up your bittorrent client and grab all 12 here, while the torrent lasts.

I have never heard the 2004 reincarnation and continuation of the radio series. Amazon has it listed at £80 though not yet published. Looking forward to finding a copy.

Santa Fe Ultimate Frisbee

on Thursday, April 14th, 2005 ... ob: games + skip and smile

I had the fortune of playing a sunset game of Ultimate this evening at St. John’s. Although the summer tournaments are likely out with my weekend work schedule, I hope to find a steady schedule of local games to enjoy. Drop a note here, and through the Santa Fe Ultimate yahoo group, if you have any info to share. The group also has a schedule of weekly games. See and the santafeultimate yahoo group for up to date info.

I’m hoping to setup and/or find a more casual Santa Fe game for players who are newer to the sport or just interested in throwing a disc around for a few hours a week. Current top choices are Wed or Sun ~5:30ish.

Other area links include the santa fe tourny, Savage 7777777, the Los Alamos Ultimate Frisbee Club, and an albuquerque ultimate hub,

… ain’t summer great.

Off to Austin

on Monday, March 7th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + skip and smile

The mountain is crazy with spring break beginning. When I’m not busy picking up Texans in the snow, I’m getting ready to leave Thursday for sxsw interactive. Anil has come through with kick! 2005 on the 12th. Fray Cafe 5, on the 13th, will be my first experience with the dedicated following. is even /finally/ up and running. The week should sufficiently overload me with like-minded geeks and endless introductions to last for some time. Hope to see you there.

Enjoyed a wonderful day or two in Salt Lake with Liz and Katherine. Even tried telemark ski’s for the first time at Alta. One of the more challenging ways to spend an introduction to some of Alta’s easier expert terrain ;)! Conditions have turned certifiably spring here locally. 9am hard groomers, 11:30 slush, 2:30 pm icy shade, repeat. I’m hoping for one good March storm as fabled by locals.

54 inches in 7 days

on Monday, February 7th, 2005 ... ob: skip and smile

54 inches of snow at the ski basin ending mid-last-week. took a few photos. broke my board as well, ;/. Nothing but praise for last year’s santa cruz duo venom 163″. Will likely go even longer on my next.

powder, light

Have also had a chance to try a hard-boot racing board as can be found at bomber online. Never have I pushed a carving edge so hard. The Summit Expression Sessions are coming up Feb 13-19 in and around Aspen. Looks like quite the gathering of turn-obsessed snow sliders. Can’t wait to spend a few more afternoons on a nice stiff carver.