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Serge and Chenard

on Friday, December 26th, 2008 ... ob: audio + music

Happy Holidays and SNOW season everyone! ;)

See last post for more details on this set. Thanks for listening…

( 67:56 : chenard walcker : )
Download: Dec 14 2008 – twisted groove – part 1 of 2

( 55:26 : various : )
Download: Dec 14 2008 – twisted groove – part 2 of 2


gospel (prior show)
Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire de Melody Nelson – 7 – Cargo Culte (~12a)
fsz043 – Nelson – La Queue Et Le Con – 1 – Le Faussaire
fsz043 – Nelson – La Queue Et Le Con – 2 – Pauvre Con
wm002 – Chenard Walcker – Rain – 5 – water
fsz043 – Nelson – La Queue Et Le Con – 3 – condiments (skipped out ~22m)
wm050 – Zloty Dawai – Dada Work Chant – 1 – Adsurb Peotry
csr023 – Chenard Walcker – the Lotus Opus – 1 – Quarles D’une Voix Mielleuse
fsz023 – The Walcker Crew – Rip Hop – 1 – blind (~12:30a)
fsz023 – The Walcker Crew – Rip Hop – 2 – hip ape
fsz023 – The Walcker Crew – Rip Hop – 4 – someday
csr023 – Chenard Walcker – the Lotus Opus – 3 – Cathedral
wm002 – Chenard Walcker – Rain – 2 – Old man river
csr023 – Chenard Walcker – the Lotus Opus – 2 – Cream Cheese
csr046 – Chenard Walcker – Middle – 3 – acapulco valentine (~12:45a)
csr046 – Chenard Walcker – Middle – 5 – where the wild things are
csr051 – Chenard Walcker & Roy ‘Chicky’ Arad – 2 – Childhood
csr023 – Chenard Walcker – the Lotus Opus – 5 – miss novara jones
csr051 – Chenard Walcker & Roy ‘Chicky’ Arad – Monster – 8 – maybe (cut short)
csr023 – Chenard Walcker – the Lotus Opus – 7 – Wizzz Pop
—- 1a —- file split —-
fsz047 – Chenard Walcker – Moo – 4 – two birds (callback)
Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire de Melody Nelson – 2 – Ballade de Melody Nelson
Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire de Melody Nelson – 3 – Valse de Melody
fsz047 – Chenard Walcker – Moo – feel so bad
fsz050 – the bath
wm050 zloty – 3 – smashing blouse
amon tobin – overwhelming forces
amon tobin – Foley Room Recorded Live In Brussels – live
big city orchestra – 1 cut
democracy in america
trojan set disc II track 29 and 30
chemistry cram record

ho ho ho. -oo

Live Audio Tonight: Chenard Walcker and Free Sample Zone

on Saturday, December 13th, 2008 ... ob: geek + music

Once again tonight brings 2 hours of tunes deliberately discovered for your listening pleasure. This evening from midnight to 2am Mountain time (11-1am Pacific), our home town FM transmitter will carry the sample happy creations of Chenard Walcker and company.

Keyword: plunderphonics.

Listen live at ksfr or, between Taos and Albuquerque, the old fashioned way at 101.1 FM Santa Fe.

comfort stand on undercurrents live set

on Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 ... ob: academic + audio + games + media + music + travel

ksfr 101.1 fm Undercurrents Wed 10/22 10p-12a // brought to you in its entirety over the still-analog frequency modulation waves of 101.1 FM Santa Fe White rock ksfr. Thanks Sean for the airtime — hope you enjoy the set. ;)!

All audio free and available at comfort stand, excepting “Dialogues on Democracy” and the intro.

fav release of the set from comfort stand: Økapi Bah! ( csr025 )

( ~1:10 : comfort stand recordings : )
Download: Oct 22 2008 – undercurrents – part 1 of 2

( ~50m : bran flakes : @30 dialogs on democracy + okapi )
Download: Oct 22 2008 – undercurrents – part 2 of 2

intro / tv victor — agai
comfort stand recordings
martinibomb — wakka chikka
the apartment – three forks – ohh what fun
beef humper – the glorious future of mankind part II – YesNo
Harlan – The Beat Maker – 4
Beef Humper – Complete Happiness
the apartment – dig a hole
harlan – 6beef – cloud nine
Dan Ake – Melophobia – Sojurn in the Cirque track 3ish onward —
Harlan – 3
Erick Gallun – Sound Field Furrows – ripchew
erick – clattuhr down
erick – lockgroover

2nd hour

The Bran Flakes – I Remember When I Break Down – side a
— 30 minutes —
Dale – Meet You At The 7-Eleven – part 4
Dialogues on Democracy, vol ii – western electric company – the voices of congress – 1966 – # 137672
— dewey decimal system filed 321.8 from santa fe high school — ‘Democratic systems’
Økapi – Bah! – Lester lounge (L.Bowie remix)
okapi – Intro/outro
økapi – Bah! (thanx 2 Plu)

898 radio

on Sunday, August 10th, 2008 ... ob: audio + media + music

From Friday night; 40 minutes of standbys to settle in followed by an hour of cabaret voltaire noiseish and erik satie on piano connected almost 100 years via dada.
[audio: groove-898-radio-d1.mp3]
// classic skips // Pentagonik, Akufen, jAbstract, Anders Ilar
mp3: 0:00 – 0:40 – part 1 of 2
[audio: groove-898-radio-d2.mp3]
// 898 dada // TV Victor, Cabaret Voltaire, Erik Satie, Efraín Huerta
mp3: 0:40 – 2:00 – part 2 of 2

twisted groove live set demf mutek abstract ksfr

on Sunday, June 15th, 2008 ... ob: audio + media + music

June 2008 set from the twisted groove mixed and broadcast live on KSFR 101.1 Santa Fe, New Mexico public radio. dj adoch as me and two hours of solid audio for your listening pleasure ;).

* 12-1am – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 // upbeat fest // derrick may, richie hawtin, adam beyer from demf / movement 2006

* 1-2am – twisted groove – part 2 of 2 // up then ambient/offchord // swank, alex under, tom clark, matthew dear, deep chord, autechre, alex under, jerry abstract, akufen + spoken word ( the nation expands by standard oil )…

adoch and hijack on the twisted groove

on Tuesday, May 6th, 2008 ... ob: audio + media + music

A new live set from last friday eve on KSFR 101.1 Santa Fe.

* 12-1am – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 // special guest dj hijack

* 1-2am – twisted groove – part 2 of 2 // dj food breaks, aphex twin, amon+prefuse, 1960s academic electronica, survival research labs, spoken word …

Live audio for zyou tonight — next week too!

on Friday, November 9th, 2007 ... ob: audio + music

Tune into KSFR midnight to 2am MST tonight friday the 9th for another special edition of the twisted groove. Coming your way with new toons from Pentagonik and Herbert, old tunes from a few Trojan sound system collections, and a few cuts from shaw’s “don juan in hell” to tie the room together.

* 12-1am – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 ( 56:54 ) // trojan sound system (ska, etc)

* 1-2am – twisted groove – part 2 of 2 ( 61:13 ) // pentagonik, oddities, shirley and spinoza, beats

Return next week once again to hear live sets from 3 of Santa Fe’s best: Hijack, Swingkid, and Gudie!

Weekend Noise

on Saturday, September 22nd, 2007 ... ob: gatherings + geek + music

Shouts to folks at decibel seattle, folks here know what you are up at ! greets and vibes from high mayhem in santa fe. First impressions by David Felberg and CK Barlow preforming Pierre Boulez; John Berndt from the experimental scene of Baltimore, and tristan /and/ perich ;) from onebitmusic | loudobjects all fantastic and technically beautiful. Don’t miss the grilled cheeze installation.

and final? up up toward zentrale randlage berlin and their (unsere) one week on toward global crossroads of the frequencies.

beep beiep beep — If around in Seattle, Santa Fe, or Berlin — come out come out!

Tonight! Juicy Moon (camping+bassbins!)

on Saturday, June 30th, 2007 ... ob: music + skip and smile

Join us tonight under a full moon to enjoy the tranquility of a brand new sound-system pushing tunes from DJs: 13 Pieces, DJ Flobug, Toast, Gudie, EV 1, Hijack.

Outoors within 45 minutes of the Plaza // Info at

Twisted Groove with Hijack

on Saturday, June 30th, 2007 ... ob: audio + media + music

Another custom edition of Spinfx’s excellent local show, The Twisted Groove, last Friday night on ksfr 90.7, Santa Fe. DJ Hijack ( podcast at Hold It Tight ) came out to join me in creating a classic IDM show. Plenty of tracks from Modeselektor‘s new mix, old rephlex tunes, and a few autechre favorites. Enjoy the show…

Saturday June 24 12am-2am:

* 12-1am – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 ( 1:00:53 )

* 1-2am – twisted groove – part 2 of 2 ( 59:12 )

Thanks again to spinefx & ksfr for the airtime.

This Saturday! Dance Parade NYC

on Thursday, May 17th, 2007 ... ob: movement + music + skip and smile

Goa at Karneval de Kultur 2006I’m quite excited to see the new Dance Parade planned this Saturday the 19th of May in NYC. It reminds of the Karneval der Kulturen of Berlin (upcoming May 25-28). While attending the 2006 Karneval, I had one of those, “this never happens in the states”, moments. Of course, both Berlin and NYC are exceptions within their nations, and it’s refreshing to see events with such potential kicking off for a first run this side of the border.

From their site: “We are celebrating everything from Break dance to Ballet with Burning Man Spirit and Love Parade Energy.” Well, Love Parade 2006 sounded and acted like the zombie it now is, but with alternatives like this — good riddance! This style of parade allows a few nice beat floats including a variety of styles (goa, dnb, trance, hip hop), something at which last years Love Parade failed miserably, while also blasting some Salsa, Irish, and Asian tunes to enjoy along the way!

As I’ve said about similar events in the past, the ultimate success of this event will be determined by the accessibility of public participation. One key to Karneval in berlin is allowing everyone into the parade street to dance along. Oh, and sufficient volume never hurts ;). Kelley, I expect a personal review! ;) Looking forward to seeing the picutres!

[ed: photos from flicker tagged danceparade]

Wagner to Pentagonik

on Friday, May 4th, 2007 ... ob: audio + media + music

Tonight! Midnight – 2am MDT. I’ll be guesting on spinfex’s twisted groove with plans for a 2-hour dash via Wagner, Debussy, Varese, Stockhausen, Squarepusher, and Pentagonik… Headphones recommended.

Listen at, or 90.7 FM near Santa Fe, NM.

* Feb 17 2007 – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 ( 59:55 )

* Feb 17 2007 – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 ( 56:04 )

Thanks again to spinefx & ksfr for the airtime.

return from the twisted groove

on Friday, February 16th, 2007 ... ob: audio + geek + media + music

On ksfr here in Santa Fe as I type, yours truly guesting on spinfx’s twisted groove 2 hour friday night weekly ( 00 – 02am ). Back after exactly one year and 6 days, this time the show is built entirely from netlabel releases ( see also: wiki:en:netlabel ).


* Feb 17 2007 – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 ( 59:22 )

* Feb 17 2007 – twisted groove – part 2 of 2 ( 1:00:38 )

Shouts and thanks to spinfx for having me on, bleepwatch, retropublik, goto80, and don@pentagonik (i’ll feature y’all next show). Keep it coming!

Echo, Cheer, Loop ( ФYЗИОН to Varèse )

on Wednesday, July 12th, 2006 ... ob: gatherings + music + skip and smile + travel

Long one for ya, then back to work. Hope you are enjoying the links!

I slept here at out back three of four nightsI found my way to fusion festival ( ФYЗИОН ) and back in one piece. Packed train ride up, hitch last 30k, hitch to Baltic Sea for a night on the coast, train home. Thanks to all my neighbors and ride buddies who made the trip what it was! Check the pictures and keep in touch — stop by anytime here in Berlin!

A short fusion festival 2006 review — favorite electronics: out back (pictured below — Zimbo / Petr / Antena / Orbital Dophins — absolute #1 favorite best of the fest, spoke twice with Zimbo(?), was there 5-7 hours every day Sat/Sun/Mon mornings, please add me to your list / get in touch and I’d happily bring any beeping gadgets I can find to play along, very much enjoyed!), wohnzimmer bar (best waking music around, reminded of classy small free outdoor), and radio bar (reliably good + FM + coffee). Otherwise, the live acts ruled: The Hungry Marching Band out of nyc gets my overall no-beeps fav for walking through the crowds and generally ripping it up (watch for ’em near you — playing honk fest in boston oct 7), manu chao was loads of fun live, and another band Fussel (i think?) wearing pig costumes and making /tons/ of noise midday on the Seebuehne — you guys were awesome. ( Full music schedule in pdf ). Gripes, clean up after yourselves — the place was disgusting; more participation/costumes/theme camps/etc; whoever left the ‘Acer’ default display on the screens through sunrise is fired, period. Otherwise, great fest. Props for playing Alice (Něco z Alenky) and other Švankmajer films on the late night movie schedule.

The world cup has come and gone. The united states managed to score 1 goal (no, the italian one doesn’t count). It was a thrill to watch the spectacle on the streets of berlin, and luckily even find my way into Game 11 (Brazil v Croatia) — the first ever played in the renovated Olympic Stadium from 1936 (thank you Jeff and Amber Slack, see you again soon!). In the spirit of this audio-themed post, I’ll narrow the experience down to three main highlights. 1) The Croatian fans in the stadium blew the Brazilians away with their perfectly timed echo/response cheers across the massive stadium; 2) My favorite game-watching technique was radio-by-headphones while touring the various cafe districts /covered/ with screens when needed; 3) The absolute coolest part of being amidst so many attempted live feeds was the half to multiple second delays between the various screens / radios / etc. It was possible to stand between two cafes a few feet apart and get a good 2 second echo on a goal due to lag — absolutely hilarious. // Whenever Deutschland played, it didn’t matter where I was, the cheers on a goal were audible throughout the country.

Zimbo / Antena at fusion festival / out backSonambiente wraps up this week after a month long run connecting sound + art. Wednesday’s evening with Frank Scheffer screening Sonic Acts: From Stockhausen to Squarepusher (1998) was a definite highlight. The film was quite well done; bringing together extensive interviews with Karlheinz Stockhausen, Squarepusher (Thomas Jenkinson), John Cage, Pierre Henry, Michel Waisvisz and DJ Spooky. Scheffer, who was a treat to hear speak before and after the showing, has also produced films around the likes of Frank Zappa, Gustav Mahler, and Brian Eno. He mentioned his curret production work on an Edgard Varèse film, whom he also offered in response to, “Who would you add to Sonic Acts now 8+ years later?”. Scheffer went even further and said that he finds Varèse beyond Cage, Stockhausen, or Squarepusher — if allowing a linear development in musical progression. He compared Varèse’s works to recent discoveries in quantum phsysics removing time from the picture, and implied Varèse’s incorporation of these ideas into musical structure (over 50 years ago). Great film, find it (and other Scheffer film) if you can, will push further into Varèse.

From afar, one more plug and top recommendation toward the recently discovered Shirley & Spinoza (begin with the archive!), self described: “collage, noise, experiments, thriftcore music and found sounds, concepts a go-go and earloads of wide swinging, varied unconventionality… generally in the spirit of keeping things interesting, unusual and of course, um…FUN!.” I’ve only heard a few hours, but this is an incredible collection to my tastes.

In closing, I found that germans I met were quite unsympathetic to my somewhat ecstatic descriptions and desires for 5-7am Chicken Hed sets aimed at high volume toward /camp/. Greets out to the nw crews — miss y’all.

.-.. . .- .-. -. — — .-. … .

R.I.P. Seattle Friends

on Monday, March 27th, 2006 ... ob: general + music + skip and smile

shiny happy people

I was deeply saddened today to learn that the Seattle shooting mentioned yesterday on national news involved friends I had known rather as peaceful freaks out to spread laughter and mayhem. The network of folks who might easily have been unlucky Saturday morning is large and colorful. It is a culture to which I owe a sweet and chewy chunk of my identity — a culture deserved of sympathy, not misguided accusations, through the mourning of its loss.

Sunrise following a full night of music and play remains the setting of many fondest memories, something Jeremy Martin specialized in creating. Last Saturday, sunrise brought poorly aimed death. I will doubtless shed another tear, the next time I tap the morning away through just one more track. Thank you for the smiles and laughs… we will miss you. rest in peace.

live twisted groove on ksfr with spinefx and here

on Friday, February 10th, 2006 ... ob: geek + media + music

2 hours of twisted groove produced by spinfx and yours truly, up in 53 minutes at 23:00 PST live on ksfr (windows media stream). Will post full audio from both shows soon.

Big ups to my musical inspiration for the show zim!, aleksi, super science, colongib, hoffmann, virt, and everyone at monotonik (nice old netlabel). Fantastic 8-bit, static, drum and bass, etc — released under creative commons and easily found over at legaltorrents. Many good music finds including 8 Bit Peoples and Alpha Cat Boogie; the Modern Day Gamer Documentary 3-Pack (torrent) is worth a watch if interested, and DO NOT MISS — The Meaty McMeat Show (torrent), ‘a diseased human organ and his colleague [who] travel back in time to meet an all-knowing psychic talking pie.’

Enjoy your evening ;).

live on ksfr

on Friday, January 13th, 2006 ... ob: audio + music

Happy new year internet-land!

For anyone out there watching that rss feed, I’ll be on ksfr, santa fe public radio, from midnight till 2am this evening (MST, approx 2.5 hours from now). Live stream available at ; call in and I guarantee free stickers in the mail.

Someone send me a snowkite.

This post created using 100% left handed mouse and shift.

* Jan 14 2006 – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 ( 61:12 : danger doom + mischief se so así )

* Jan 14 2006 – twisted groove – part 2 of 2 ( 58:53 : dnb , + @20:10 hitchikers, ) “None at all….”

moog r.i.p. – thank you

on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005 ... ob: geek + music

[01:16] -here- moog r.i.p. , documentary torrent.
[01:16] -here- do not miss, phat sin waves visually and audibly, plus the organic garden
[01:24] * here waves!
[02:32] -here- moncul: moog is dead.
[02:32] -moncul- here: Dead. Deader than dead. Still alive.

monkeys invade phoenix with greasebuckets!

on Tuesday, July 19th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + geek + music + travel

ok, one shortie before i leave through the month (vegas-seattle-cda-montana-cda-seattle-albq-wheeee).

phoenix fest is on this weekend, where i’ll be with the hip northwest outdoor crowd, yeehaw…

…and the most valuable thing i’ve found in netland since last post; greasemonkey. check greasemap and google butler for starters.

see you.

Seattle from Afar

on Wednesday, May 25th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + music + travel

Well phoenix festival was moved to lake bronson, a venue I tend rather to dislike. I’m sure the fest will be fantastic as always, but I don’t think I’ll be making it. As a result, I think I may refocus a planned visit around Decibel Festival in late September. Decibel will be returning for its second year, and will hopefully continue to grow as a showcase for experimental and electronic music. Mark your calenders, I’m coming to town ;) .

Were I still living in my old neighborhood off union street in seattle’s central district, I would likely be beginning a new job with the recently (re)opened central cinema! Good luck all involved, and if you are within range… do drop by for a show and a pizza.

And… right down the street, a crack team of geeks and dreamers is working on a killer looking burning man project dubbed the mach12e.

I miss everyone up there! I’m struggling with whether to stay through another winter here, and where to go sooner or later. I’ve still got a rather strong itch to return to Berlin for a good portion of next year through the world cup and incredible geek gatherings throughout europe. There is little doubt that I will return to the northwest, who knows when.