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late march

on Monday, March 31st, 2008 ... ob: movement

Apricot trees bloomed in the backyard today…

Taos opened with cheers — and the snow is melting fast enough to be fun ;). Plenty more images on the way, but for now here is a video of some spring slush from above the board.

Volldampf voraus!

on Wednesday, December 26th, 2007 ... ob: geek + movement + skip and smile

santa-fe-ski-open-2007-gayway-santafeAll in Berlin — tomorrow begins 24th Chaos Communication Congress (24C3), hacker conference european extraordinare which appears to continue its growth.

Meanwhile locally, we continue to enjoy a bumper crop of organic, high-desert, powder. The backcountry is filling in, and Taos opens to snowboards march 19th. See you there ;p !!!!!!


on Thursday, December 6th, 2007 ... ob: gatherings + movement

The film festival was a huge success, thanks to all who contributed. Favorite far and away When Broomsticks Were King chronicling brooklyn stickball of days past.

First day this year spent sliding around at wolf creek this past Tuesday upon their 1st 50+ inch storm of the year. That hill never ceases to amaze with such wonderful terrain to roam about the powder.

This Saturday! Dance Parade NYC

on Thursday, May 17th, 2007 ... ob: movement + music + skip and smile

Goa at Karneval de Kultur 2006I’m quite excited to see the new Dance Parade planned this Saturday the 19th of May in NYC. It reminds of the Karneval der Kulturen of Berlin (upcoming May 25-28). While attending the 2006 Karneval, I had one of those, “this never happens in the states”, moments. Of course, both Berlin and NYC are exceptions within their nations, and it’s refreshing to see events with such potential kicking off for a first run this side of the border.

From their site: “We are celebrating everything from Break dance to Ballet with Burning Man Spirit and Love Parade Energy.” Well, Love Parade 2006 sounded and acted like the zombie it now is, but with alternatives like this — good riddance! This style of parade allows a few nice beat floats including a variety of styles (goa, dnb, trance, hip hop), something at which last years Love Parade failed miserably, while also blasting some Salsa, Irish, and Asian tunes to enjoy along the way!

As I’ve said about similar events in the past, the ultimate success of this event will be determined by the accessibility of public participation. One key to Karneval in berlin is allowing everyone into the parade street to dance along. Oh, and sufficient volume never hurts ;). Kelley, I expect a personal review! ;) Looking forward to seeing the picutres!

[ed: photos from flicker tagged danceparade]

Another lovely winter…

on Tuesday, March 27th, 2007 ... ob: movement

wolf creek tracksWith just under two weeks remaining for local lift-served snow, I can easily review the passing winter with ear wide smiles. An early powder day at north Idaho’s Schweitzer was an ideal first day shared with dad. Around 40 working days teaching at ski santa fe saw busy holidays and excellent conditions through empty February. I passed my AASI level 1 certification, directed by Bryan Olson, during a nice 3-day visit to Angelfire resort. Back when I did my PSIA level 1 certification on skis in 1996, the AASI did not even yet exist! I look forward to remaining professionally involved in winter sliding activities for years to come. Finally, Ginger and Molly correctly refused to let Wolf Creek pass another season unseen. As the pictures show, we lucked out Sunday enjoying our introduction to Wolf Creek with a foot of excellent spring powder and a 96″ base.

In Equipement, Burton’s stiff Driver X boots are saving my ankles. I squeezed one run in on a demo Neversummer SL 158″, one of my most enjoyable all year. Locally, Greg continues to hand-carve a few excellent custom boards a year at MINA Boards (get well soon!). Venture snowboards’ demos also impressed. Their 158″ Zephyr provided a solid all-mountain ride, and their 162″ Euphoria blew me away on Wolf Creek’s powder draped back side. I’d never had so much fun with so little effort in foot deep snow — highly recommended for those able to go for a powder specific board.

Silverton MountainThe Venture folks also turned me on to the incredible Silverton mountain, near where they are moving their operations. Guided only from Jan-Mar with one double lift up to the ridge. Who’s up for a visit next year?!! (Thanks Klem and Lisa!)

Thanks also to all the folks who visited Ski Santa Fe — see you again next year.

wolf creek's knife ridge and alberta peak

snowboarding the comments away

on Friday, January 27th, 2006 ... ob: gatherings + geek + movement + travel

Every few days I pick up this world snowboard guide I managed to acquire for a few pages of day-dream. Today I happended across summer and heli specific suggestions. Check out Russia’s SPC summer camp near the Georgian border and Mt Elbrus 5642m (18510ft), the highest mountain in europe. Further west, the iceland park project in may and june offers surfing and skating alongside their impressive snowboard park. Not enough? Try hiring a helicoptor to your whim near Khan Tengri (eye candy) at 7010m (23000ft) in Kazakhstan or the 100,000ft of verticle program down the Himalayas of India.

Two more for sliders also geeks. The tetongravity forum snow geeks note, we get some pretty strange looks from people when they ask where we’re from, and we tell them “the internet”. (via mina boards) Also, come help develop wikipedia’s struggling snowboard development — terrain parks alone should provide a starting point. It would be great to similarly collaborate on teaching progressions.

In case you ever want a bad winter to compare against, it is now January 27th, and the snow report soars at a 17 inch base.

I will be disabling comments entirely until I can try out automattic‘s new askimet. I need to bump up from ancient wordpress 1.5. Looking forward to perhaps a calm in the storm of the evil that spam represents. By all means, please email your thoughts directly ;).

Send the Saudi’s an invitation…

on Wednesday, July 24th, 2002 ... ob: academic + geek + movement + music + pre 2005

check out this well done and interesting report on the current status of Internet Filtering in Saudi Arabia.

Those of you in the midwest, do your best to get out to the first annual badlands electronic music festival this weekend.. promises to be great. vox medusa will be there as well performing their latest: “Transcendance”.