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comfort stand on undercurrents live set

on Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 ... ob: academic + audio + games + media + music + travel

ksfr 101.1 fm Undercurrents Wed 10/22 10p-12a // brought to you in its entirety over the still-analog frequency modulation waves of 101.1 FM Santa Fe White rock ksfr. Thanks Sean for the airtime — hope you enjoy the set. ;)!

All audio free and available at comfort stand, excepting “Dialogues on Democracy” and the intro.

fav release of the set from comfort stand: Økapi Bah! ( csr025 )

( ~1:10 : comfort stand recordings : )
Download: Oct 22 2008 – undercurrents – part 1 of 2

( ~50m : bran flakes : @30 dialogs on democracy + okapi )
Download: Oct 22 2008 – undercurrents – part 2 of 2

intro / tv victor — agai
comfort stand recordings
martinibomb — wakka chikka
the apartment – three forks – ohh what fun
beef humper – the glorious future of mankind part II – YesNo
Harlan – The Beat Maker – 4
Beef Humper – Complete Happiness
the apartment – dig a hole
harlan – 6beef – cloud nine
Dan Ake – Melophobia – Sojurn in the Cirque track 3ish onward —
Harlan – 3
Erick Gallun – Sound Field Furrows – ripchew
erick – clattuhr down
erick – lockgroover

2nd hour

The Bran Flakes – I Remember When I Break Down – side a
— 30 minutes —
Dale – Meet You At The 7-Eleven – part 4
Dialogues on Democracy, vol ii – western electric company – the voices of congress – 1966 – # 137672
— dewey decimal system filed 321.8 from santa fe high school — ‘Democratic systems’
Økapi – Bah! – Lester lounge (L.Bowie remix)
okapi – Intro/outro
økapi – Bah! (thanx 2 Plu)

898 radio

on Sunday, August 10th, 2008 ... ob: audio + media + music

From Friday night; 40 minutes of standbys to settle in followed by an hour of cabaret voltaire noiseish and erik satie on piano connected almost 100 years via dada.
[audio: groove-898-radio-d1.mp3]
// classic skips // Pentagonik, Akufen, jAbstract, Anders Ilar
mp3: 0:00 – 0:40 – part 1 of 2
[audio: groove-898-radio-d2.mp3]
// 898 dada // TV Victor, Cabaret Voltaire, Erik Satie, Efraín Huerta
mp3: 0:40 – 2:00 – part 2 of 2

twisted groove live set demf mutek abstract ksfr

on Sunday, June 15th, 2008 ... ob: audio + media + music

June 2008 set from the twisted groove mixed and broadcast live on KSFR 101.1 Santa Fe, New Mexico public radio. dj adoch as me and two hours of solid audio for your listening pleasure ;).

* 12-1am – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 // upbeat fest // derrick may, richie hawtin, adam beyer from demf / movement 2006

* 1-2am – twisted groove – part 2 of 2 // up then ambient/offchord // swank, alex under, tom clark, matthew dear, deep chord, autechre, alex under, jerry abstract, akufen + spoken word ( the nation expands by standard oil )…

adoch and hijack on the twisted groove

on Tuesday, May 6th, 2008 ... ob: audio + media + music

A new live set from last friday eve on KSFR 101.1 Santa Fe.

* 12-1am – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 // special guest dj hijack

* 1-2am – twisted groove – part 2 of 2 // dj food breaks, aphex twin, amon+prefuse, 1960s academic electronica, survival research labs, spoken word …

Twisted Groove with Hijack

on Saturday, June 30th, 2007 ... ob: audio + media + music

Another custom edition of Spinfx’s excellent local show, The Twisted Groove, last Friday night on ksfr 90.7, Santa Fe. DJ Hijack ( podcast at Hold It Tight ) came out to join me in creating a classic IDM show. Plenty of tracks from Modeselektor‘s new mix, old rephlex tunes, and a few autechre favorites. Enjoy the show…

Saturday June 24 12am-2am:

* 12-1am – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 ( 1:00:53 )

* 1-2am – twisted groove – part 2 of 2 ( 59:12 )

Thanks again to spinefx & ksfr for the airtime.

Wagner to Pentagonik

on Friday, May 4th, 2007 ... ob: audio + media + music

Tonight! Midnight – 2am MDT. I’ll be guesting on spinfex’s twisted groove with plans for a 2-hour dash via Wagner, Debussy, Varese, Stockhausen, Squarepusher, and Pentagonik… Headphones recommended.

Listen at, or 90.7 FM near Santa Fe, NM.

* Feb 17 2007 – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 ( 59:55 )

* Feb 17 2007 – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 ( 56:04 )

Thanks again to spinefx & ksfr for the airtime.

return from the twisted groove

on Friday, February 16th, 2007 ... ob: audio + geek + media + music

On ksfr here in Santa Fe as I type, yours truly guesting on spinfx’s twisted groove 2 hour friday night weekly ( 00 – 02am ). Back after exactly one year and 6 days, this time the show is built entirely from netlabel releases ( see also: wiki:en:netlabel ).


* Feb 17 2007 – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 ( 59:22 )

* Feb 17 2007 – twisted groove – part 2 of 2 ( 1:00:38 )

Shouts and thanks to spinfx for having me on, bleepwatch, retropublik, goto80, and don@pentagonik (i’ll feature y’all next show). Keep it coming!

feeds and fones (free!)

on Sunday, February 12th, 2006 ... ob: geek + media

I’m happy to have finally enable some form of feed sharing. I check rojo at least daily, often many times, to read a river of news presentation of my subscribed syndication feeds. I believe their organization (tags like gmail’s labels) to be far superior to the more popular bloglines. However, they give me no URI for my OPML file, but rather require me to push-button export it every time I want a copy. I was not alone in recommending that this ability be accessible via a public URI. At least they provide a token authorized public feed.

Enter, gregarius — installed at . You can now easily read and filter the full stream of input I pull via xml syndication. The theme system has proven more difficult than (appears) need be, but I do like the general idea and mechanics. Hopefully I will be able to further customize to my liking.

I may yet switch to another locally hosted option, Feeds on Feeds Redux (FoFR). Born from the perhaps stale, Feeds on Feeds (wordpress plugin!), I am glad to see conversation appearing on the sourceforge message board about bringing the social element into FoFR as is attempted at bloglines and rojo.

The only thing left is to fully integrate sharing opml files into a social publishing network; as trackbacks and comments have the blogger networks.

See also, new browser based rss reader newsalloy, with keyboard shortcuts!

skype. If I miss it, it will ring my cellphone ;). Try it out and I will send you free stickers!!

live twisted groove on ksfr with spinefx and here

on Friday, February 10th, 2006 ... ob: geek + media + music

2 hours of twisted groove produced by spinfx and yours truly, up in 53 minutes at 23:00 PST live on ksfr (windows media stream). Will post full audio from both shows soon.

Big ups to my musical inspiration for the show zim!, aleksi, super science, colongib, hoffmann, virt, and everyone at monotonik (nice old netlabel). Fantastic 8-bit, static, drum and bass, etc — released under creative commons and easily found over at legaltorrents. Many good music finds including 8 Bit Peoples and Alpha Cat Boogie; the Modern Day Gamer Documentary 3-Pack (torrent) is worth a watch if interested, and DO NOT MISS — The Meaty McMeat Show (torrent), ‘a diseased human organ and his colleague [who] travel back in time to meet an all-knowing psychic talking pie.’

Enjoy your evening ;).

Freedom for watchlists !

on Sunday, November 20th, 2005 ... ob: geek + media + society

I’m working on making the watchlist contents of consenting wikimedia project users public. Help with a javascript hack to work around existing structure requested! Read all about it on

Lets also store article histories locally, and share the histories via bittorrent. ~~~~ (haha. .. ::ahem::.. never again..)

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Movie & Radio

on Saturday, April 30th, 2005 ... ob: media + skip and smile

Ten.Ten.Ten to fire things off today, see you in 5 years, 5 months, and 10 days! Went to see the new movie adaptation of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy last night, and, was pleasantly surprised ;). It actually ain’t that bad… perhaps even, good! No coincidence that Adams helped write the screenplay himself.

The opening sequence with the dolphins is fantastic, set to the tune So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, perfectly setting the stage for the stories narrative style and scope. The improbability drive scenes are fewer and lesser in complexity than I would have liked (the potential!), but well done nonetheless. Zaphod is sufficiently annoying ;), and the rest of the characters seem to avoid distracting too much from the story. Marvin, who I’d always seen as blockish, reminds me of robot prototypes from sony. Deep Thought even looks pretty neat, though I’d always thought of a cave. The movie sets itself up perfectly for a sequel beginning at the restaurant at the end of the universe… there is plenty of story left, we shall see.

Nonetheless, I feel I must take this opportunity to help direct potential newfound interest in the series where it matters, specifically radio. As the story goes, “The idea that became the Hitchhiker’s Guide happened whilst Douglas Adams was lying drunk in a field in Innsbruck.” (see beginnings) This idea was realized shortly thereafter as a 1978 radio comedy on the bbc, indeed, before the now famous books.

Regardless of previous experience with the series, these original shows are a guaranteed smile and a must-listen for any and all inhabitants of the universe. Fire up your bittorrent client and grab all 12 here, while the torrent lasts.

I have never heard the 2004 reincarnation and continuation of the radio series. Amazon has it listed at £80 though not yet published. Looking forward to finding a copy.

google video & AnimarisRhinocerosTransport

on Tuesday, January 25th, 2005 ... ob: geek + media

Google launched a video search (of course), blog , santa fe, surprised wikipedia comes up blank. (via cam)

Second, if you haven’t yet seen the videos and photos of the Animaris Rhinoceros Transport, this beast is unreal. Lets build a variant!

Digital::Nimbus – Richard Devine & * sxsw *

on Wednesday, January 19th, 2005 ... ob: academic + gatherings + geek + media + music

Upcoming this friday the 21st, Richard Devine, live on D::N – Digital::Nimbus, streaming from kuci Irvine, CA. I miss the show nights out here, streams save the day. (via hush)

So, who’s in for sxsw, March 11-15? I’ve all but registered for the interactive conference, check the speakers. Need a place to sleep in Austin. I’d /love/ to stay for the music, but it’ll be one of the busiest weeks for instructing, so I’ll be needed on the snow.

It must be a good thing when I can include so many categories.

The Old Technology Shop, Closing!

on Sunday, January 16th, 2005 ... ob: geek + media

I can’t believe The Old Technology Shop, Seattle is closing its doors. Go, patronize this wonderful institution, /especially/ if you’ve never visited. Someone pick me up a cheap oscilliscope ;)!

I just realized that I might make it to sxsw this year! I was planning a trip to the durango film festival, but should sxsw be a possibility, the decision is easy.

Etienne-Jules Marey at the d’Orsay

on Thursday, December 9th, 2004 ... ob: media

The Musée d’Orsay is currently displaying a special homage to Etienne-Jules Marey: Movements of Air Etienne-Jules Marey (1830-1904) Photographer of Fluids. The only comperable photographer I’d heard of is Eadweard Muybridge, credited with the ‘trotting horse’ moving images seen sampled by u2’s lemon video. Marey’s images, such as this one, are fantastic, and inspire me to seek out similarly influential passtimes 100 years later. Recommended reading.

Tetsuo Kogawa – Japans original microbroadcaster?

on Tuesday, November 9th, 2004 ... ob: geek + media + music

Morgan was involved in a recent radio project at the walker art center in minneapolis and sent a link to Tetsuo Kogawa, self proclaimed originator of the microbroadcasting movement in Japan. Free Radio Berkeley has a host of decent info and links for US interests. At the very least, I plan to check out these old WHBI recordings, circa 1983, apparently the first hip hop station in New York.