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cookie day and text text text

on Wednesday, June 21st, 2006 ... ob: gatherings + geek + general + skip and smile

Happy Solstice! I enjoyed a fantastic evening meal and bike ride with roomies and music under a large tree. Perfect weather. And now, it is /officially/ time to start dreaming about snow. Bring it ;).

Following solstice, now the 22nd, international day of the chocolate cookie, as promoted by Görlitzer Park this evening.

So yes, my posts are slacking as I’ve been too busy riding around the streets of Berlin; learning some sweet Javascript and XML tricks; and (oh yes) watching a few live world cup games along the way. In short — life is good, extremely full, and entirely berlin. For the first time since arrival, I’ll be making may way out of town through the end of next week to find fusion festival — thinking about all you from the northwest and NM who I won’t get to go camping with this summer(!)

One geek tip for the day. Working on the net with various circles, one instant message protocol seems never enough. Thankfully, I’ve re-discovered and finally accepted gaim into my life — and I couldn’t be happier. I’d tried it over the years but never found it satisfactory, until now. Handles: aim, msn, jabber (including gtalk), yahoo, irc, more if you have ’em — all in one ad-free window. One beast of an app, highly recommended. (MacOS see adium)

R.I.P. Seattle Friends

on Monday, March 27th, 2006 ... ob: general + music + skip and smile

shiny happy people

I was deeply saddened today to learn that the Seattle shooting mentioned yesterday on national news involved friends I had known rather as peaceful freaks out to spread laughter and mayhem. The network of folks who might easily have been unlucky Saturday morning is large and colorful. It is a culture to which I owe a sweet and chewy chunk of my identity — a culture deserved of sympathy, not misguided accusations, through the mourning of its loss.

Sunrise following a full night of music and play remains the setting of many fondest memories, something Jeremy Martin specialized in creating. Last Saturday, sunrise brought poorly aimed death. I will doubtless shed another tear, the next time I tap the morning away through just one more track. Thank you for the smiles and laughs… we will miss you. rest in peace.

Let it snow! (and other geek)

on Wednesday, December 7th, 2005 ... ob: geek + general + photo + skip and smile

It’s official, ski santa fe will be opening this Saturday. We’re a far cry behind the rest of the country in snowfall this year, but who cares! I’m goin snowboarding Saturday ;).

We will be successful when we can find every digital photo in the world.“, that is, every single photo containing your face. Finally applying recent text and face recognition advancements to the massive quantity of publicly indexed digital photos, riya promises to bring you every image on earth you happen to have found your way into. (via enjoy-surveillance)

In rss, Track your favorite member of congress’ votes via rss.

Those in Santa Fe, I’ll be round and about the santa fe film festival much of the next 4 days, come visit.

I’ve held myself to a post-once-a-month minimum for some time now on this blog. Initially intended as just that, a minimum, it seems to have turned into a rigid norm. As an experiment, I’ll be holding myself to once-a-week through december. I expect it will be painless, and likely quite enjoyable.

Sidebar greets to morgan (fatgrrl, !!!) and ye ‘ole john schott (ratchetup, see you in Berlin!). Also enjoy-surveillance (in german) alongside dorkbot and near-near-future.

Sad to see will’s blog end, keep in touch!

whew.. first post since August that I didn’t mention wikipedia, i mean, drat….

Let it snow!..

on Thursday, September 29th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + geek + general

Snow fell as low as 8500 feet on the mountain today! For joy, for joy.

Why not start with rojo, where I’ve happily moved my syndication intake. At least for the moment, I prefer it to the more popular bloglines. The ability to share full OPML and individual story information is lacking, but the ability to read my feeds efficiently does the trick. Please do contribute to cori’s rojo suggestions wiki or the rojomojo google group to help make the service better.

I’ve added we-make-money-not-art to my sidebar. It remains my favorite collection of global geek without annoying me like engadget and other similarly oriented sites.

Wikipedia has officially usurped google as my first stop for encyclopedic information, likely more than 50% of my internet queries. John Roberts‘ entry, our new supreme court chief justice, offers a good example of why it is typically better-than-google source for quick undiluted information. Of course, the real beauty for me on wikipedia, is the discussion pages. A quick glance at roberts’ discussion page hints at the work that has gone into the current entry. Wikipedia’s sustained growth rate, now well established in Alexa’s top 50 (and steadily rising), should be enough to convince any skeptics it is worthy of serious attention.

Burning man came and went. Ars Electronica came and went. Decibel Festival came and went. See you all some other year, thanks for all the photos ;).

We went to the sanddunes with snowboards, yeehaw!

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

on Sunday, December 26th, 2004 ... ob: general

Merry merry, all. Hope everyone had a fantastic solstice, or whatever it is you celebrated. I’ve officially started as a snowboard instructor up at the santa fe ski basin. The job is fantastic, though difficult. 80% Texans, but folks from everywhere. Yesterday a family of 6, every one in camoflage, showed up with enough enthusiasm to ignore the lift. I wish I’d had my new camera with me ;). Check out the snowboarding faq as a great starting point for snowboarding info.

I managed to pull something in my back resulting in the past few days barely able to move from many positions. Don’t do this, it ain’t no fun.

It’s been a bit since purging my ‘to blog’ folder… so here we go!

One Liners:

  • – amusing ai attempt at 20 questions.
  • pictoplasma – characters at war, “contemporary character design and art”. (via to-evolve)
  • – photoblogging resources.
  • sun setup an employee blog space at, ‘accessible to any Sun employee to write about anything’.
  • bustymousepads – they finally got a new shipment! ;)
  • irfanview – free quick image viewer, similar to acdsee.
  • The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, the movie (siteimdb), releases on May 6th!?, how could they not release this on 4-2?
  • April 13, 2029, the end of the world? Only if it hits the earth. Better odds than winning the lottery!
  • Also in orbit, the international space station will be visible in the states early mornings the next few days. Check this list by location.
  • wikipedia – so many good things to say. Reminds me of my dmoz days. I recommend everyone get an account, even if only to read the debates behind your favorite controversial pages. The bush pages are some of the best, though searching for ‘bush’ gets you a shrub, not a pres.

Odd Links and Feeds Finally Win

on Thursday, December 9th, 2004 ... ob: geek + general

one liners:
googlism : try your first or last name.
Porn music for the masses. ’nuff. : 24/7 live dnb.
photo friday contest.
beer logos in illustrator format. –cam
liberum : open source help desk.

Saw this guy out and about at the santa fe film festival sporting his fiber/led cheese-wear. He had a custom jacket displaying a tri-color rotating cube surrounded by a starfield similar in look to the popular screensaver variants — really cool! I miss dorkbot.

In pop trivia, Mr. Bungle, now most widely recognized as a rather noisy band, was named after a puppet in a 1959 childrens ‘lunchroom manners’ video made popular by peewee herman(!) on an old HBO special.

I’m (finally) addicted to feeds! The vast majority of sites I follow now have feeds implemented, usually thanks to the widespread popularity of cms use. I’m using thunderbird for both mail and feeds, but will likely explore other options as the number of feeds I follow continues to grow. Currently on the list: mandolux, a list apart, boxes and arrows, camworld, dorkbot, googleblog,, nwtekno, planethci, wordpress-dev.

I suppose I should also mention that tab browsing took a short few days to convert me. Ok, I get it now.

New place & A few gatherings…

on Friday, July 30th, 2004 ... ob: gatherings + general

Almost two months slipping by… have to get this one in before the dial flips to 8. click-clack.

Found a new place on 16th, 5 blocks closer to downtown, where I seem to spend the vast majority of my free time these days. It might just be the fabulous weather, but I’m rarely frowning walking, biking, or skating between the market, the hostel, and the new library. The lease cycles on October 1st, after which my living situation is again tenuous. I can only hope that things will go smoothly and cheaply, .. I love that I can make myself laugh so easily ;).

I’ve reluctantly decided not to attend burning man this year, but was fortunate to enjoy both phoenix festival and burn in the forest / soundproof outside of squamish, British Columbia. Shambhala is taking place August 13-15th up north… any and all who can make it, should.