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on Thursday, December 6th, 2007 ... ob: gatherings + movement

The film festival was a huge success, thanks to all who contributed. Favorite far and away When Broomsticks Were King chronicling brooklyn stickball of days past.

First day this year spent sliding around at wolf creek this past Tuesday upon their 1st 50+ inch storm of the year. That hill never ceases to amaze with such wonderful terrain to roam about the powder.

Weekend Noise

on Saturday, September 22nd, 2007 ... ob: gatherings + geek + music

Shouts to folks at decibel seattle, folks here know what you are up at ! greets and vibes from high mayhem in santa fe. First impressions by David Felberg and CK Barlow preforming Pierre Boulez; John Berndt from the experimental scene of Baltimore, and tristan /and/ perich ;) from onebitmusic | loudobjects all fantastic and technically beautiful. Don’t miss the grilled cheeze installation.

and final? up up toward zentrale randlage berlin and their (unsere) one week on toward global crossroads of the frequencies.

beep beiep beep — If around in Seattle, Santa Fe, or Berlin — come out come out!

Square feet from Brooklyn to Barranca del Cobre

on Friday, August 10th, 2007 ... ob: gatherings + travel

I’m impressed with the two containers heading to burning man from brooklyn, loading tomorrow morning at nyccontainer, and at only ~$5 / square foot. (Good luck Kelley). Just yesterday came a request from bigrigjig for three full flatbeds from Oakland — with the express purpose of erecting two more.

The BLM has approved burning man through 2010, but the BLM Environmental Assessment ( pdf ) is worth a glance for the curious…

…and for all those planning a visit, don’t forget your transistor radio!

I’ll be watching from afar yet again, but do have sights on the area around Estación Creel near the Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon) in Chihuaua, Mexico. Do send info and come along after the burn :)!

prag und linz

on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006 ... ob: gatherings + skip and smile + travel

I’m off for two weeks to Prague and Linz to a wonderful wedding and a stimulating ars electronica. I’m giddy about both. Even better, Ginger will be here for a visit upon return! Hope to see you along the way.

Echo, Cheer, Loop ( ФYЗИОН to Varèse )

on Wednesday, July 12th, 2006 ... ob: gatherings + music + skip and smile + travel

Long one for ya, then back to work. Hope you are enjoying the links!

I slept here at out back three of four nightsI found my way to fusion festival ( ФYЗИОН ) and back in one piece. Packed train ride up, hitch last 30k, hitch to Baltic Sea for a night on the coast, train home. Thanks to all my neighbors and ride buddies who made the trip what it was! Check the pictures and keep in touch — stop by anytime here in Berlin!

A short fusion festival 2006 review — favorite electronics: out back (pictured below — Zimbo / Petr / Antena / Orbital Dophins — absolute #1 favorite best of the fest, spoke twice with Zimbo(?), was there 5-7 hours every day Sat/Sun/Mon mornings, please add me to your list / get in touch and I’d happily bring any beeping gadgets I can find to play along, very much enjoyed!), wohnzimmer bar (best waking music around, reminded of classy small free outdoor), and radio bar (reliably good + FM + coffee). Otherwise, the live acts ruled: The Hungry Marching Band out of nyc gets my overall no-beeps fav for walking through the crowds and generally ripping it up (watch for ’em near you — playing honk fest in boston oct 7), manu chao was loads of fun live, and another band Fussel (i think?) wearing pig costumes and making /tons/ of noise midday on the Seebuehne — you guys were awesome. ( Full music schedule in pdf ). Gripes, clean up after yourselves — the place was disgusting; more participation/costumes/theme camps/etc; whoever left the ‘Acer’ default display on the screens through sunrise is fired, period. Otherwise, great fest. Props for playing Alice (Něco z Alenky) and other Švankmajer films on the late night movie schedule.

The world cup has come and gone. The united states managed to score 1 goal (no, the italian one doesn’t count). It was a thrill to watch the spectacle on the streets of berlin, and luckily even find my way into Game 11 (Brazil v Croatia) — the first ever played in the renovated Olympic Stadium from 1936 (thank you Jeff and Amber Slack, see you again soon!). In the spirit of this audio-themed post, I’ll narrow the experience down to three main highlights. 1) The Croatian fans in the stadium blew the Brazilians away with their perfectly timed echo/response cheers across the massive stadium; 2) My favorite game-watching technique was radio-by-headphones while touring the various cafe districts /covered/ with screens when needed; 3) The absolute coolest part of being amidst so many attempted live feeds was the half to multiple second delays between the various screens / radios / etc. It was possible to stand between two cafes a few feet apart and get a good 2 second echo on a goal due to lag — absolutely hilarious. // Whenever Deutschland played, it didn’t matter where I was, the cheers on a goal were audible throughout the country.

Zimbo / Antena at fusion festival / out backSonambiente wraps up this week after a month long run connecting sound + art. Wednesday’s evening with Frank Scheffer screening Sonic Acts: From Stockhausen to Squarepusher (1998) was a definite highlight. The film was quite well done; bringing together extensive interviews with Karlheinz Stockhausen, Squarepusher (Thomas Jenkinson), John Cage, Pierre Henry, Michel Waisvisz and DJ Spooky. Scheffer, who was a treat to hear speak before and after the showing, has also produced films around the likes of Frank Zappa, Gustav Mahler, and Brian Eno. He mentioned his curret production work on an Edgard Varèse film, whom he also offered in response to, “Who would you add to Sonic Acts now 8+ years later?”. Scheffer went even further and said that he finds Varèse beyond Cage, Stockhausen, or Squarepusher — if allowing a linear development in musical progression. He compared Varèse’s works to recent discoveries in quantum phsysics removing time from the picture, and implied Varèse’s incorporation of these ideas into musical structure (over 50 years ago). Great film, find it (and other Scheffer film) if you can, will push further into Varèse.

From afar, one more plug and top recommendation toward the recently discovered Shirley & Spinoza (begin with the archive!), self described: “collage, noise, experiments, thriftcore music and found sounds, concepts a go-go and earloads of wide swinging, varied unconventionality… generally in the spirit of keeping things interesting, unusual and of course, um…FUN!.” I’ve only heard a few hours, but this is an incredible collection to my tastes.

In closing, I found that germans I met were quite unsympathetic to my somewhat ecstatic descriptions and desires for 5-7am Chicken Hed sets aimed at high volume toward /camp/. Greets out to the nw crews — miss y’all.

.-.. . .- .-. -. — — .-. … .

cookie day and text text text

on Wednesday, June 21st, 2006 ... ob: gatherings + geek + general + skip and smile

Happy Solstice! I enjoyed a fantastic evening meal and bike ride with roomies and music under a large tree. Perfect weather. And now, it is /officially/ time to start dreaming about snow. Bring it ;).

Following solstice, now the 22nd, international day of the chocolate cookie, as promoted by Görlitzer Park this evening.

So yes, my posts are slacking as I’ve been too busy riding around the streets of Berlin; learning some sweet Javascript and XML tricks; and (oh yes) watching a few live world cup games along the way. In short — life is good, extremely full, and entirely berlin. For the first time since arrival, I’ll be making may way out of town through the end of next week to find fusion festival — thinking about all you from the northwest and NM who I won’t get to go camping with this summer(!)

One geek tip for the day. Working on the net with various circles, one instant message protocol seems never enough. Thankfully, I’ve re-discovered and finally accepted gaim into my life — and I couldn’t be happier. I’d tried it over the years but never found it satisfactory, until now. Handles: aim, msn, jabber (including gtalk), yahoo, irc, more if you have ’em — all in one ad-free window. One beast of an app, highly recommended. (MacOS see adium)

snowboarding the comments away

on Friday, January 27th, 2006 ... ob: gatherings + geek + movement + travel

Every few days I pick up this world snowboard guide I managed to acquire for a few pages of day-dream. Today I happended across summer and heli specific suggestions. Check out Russia’s SPC summer camp near the Georgian border and Mt Elbrus 5642m (18510ft), the highest mountain in europe. Further west, the iceland park project in may and june offers surfing and skating alongside their impressive snowboard park. Not enough? Try hiring a helicoptor to your whim near Khan Tengri (eye candy) at 7010m (23000ft) in Kazakhstan or the 100,000ft of verticle program down the Himalayas of India.

Two more for sliders also geeks. The tetongravity forum snow geeks note, we get some pretty strange looks from people when they ask where we’re from, and we tell them “the internet”. (via mina boards) Also, come help develop wikipedia’s struggling snowboard development — terrain parks alone should provide a starting point. It would be great to similarly collaborate on teaching progressions.

In case you ever want a bad winter to compare against, it is now January 27th, and the snow report soars at a 17 inch base.

I will be disabling comments entirely until I can try out automattic‘s new askimet. I need to bump up from ancient wordpress 1.5. Looking forward to perhaps a calm in the storm of the evil that spam represents. By all means, please email your thoughts directly ;).

Let it snow!..

on Thursday, September 29th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + geek + general

Snow fell as low as 8500 feet on the mountain today! For joy, for joy.

Why not start with rojo, where I’ve happily moved my syndication intake. At least for the moment, I prefer it to the more popular bloglines. The ability to share full OPML and individual story information is lacking, but the ability to read my feeds efficiently does the trick. Please do contribute to cori’s rojo suggestions wiki or the rojomojo google group to help make the service better.

I’ve added we-make-money-not-art to my sidebar. It remains my favorite collection of global geek without annoying me like engadget and other similarly oriented sites.

Wikipedia has officially usurped google as my first stop for encyclopedic information, likely more than 50% of my internet queries. John Roberts‘ entry, our new supreme court chief justice, offers a good example of why it is typically better-than-google source for quick undiluted information. Of course, the real beauty for me on wikipedia, is the discussion pages. A quick glance at roberts’ discussion page hints at the work that has gone into the current entry. Wikipedia’s sustained growth rate, now well established in Alexa’s top 50 (and steadily rising), should be enough to convince any skeptics it is worthy of serious attention.

Burning man came and went. Ars Electronica came and went. Decibel Festival came and went. See you all some other year, thanks for all the photos ;).

We went to the sanddunes with snowboards, yeehaw!

monkeys invade phoenix with greasebuckets!

on Tuesday, July 19th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + geek + music + travel

ok, one shortie before i leave through the month (vegas-seattle-cda-montana-cda-seattle-albq-wheeee).

phoenix fest is on this weekend, where i’ll be with the hip northwest outdoor crowd, yeehaw…

…and the most valuable thing i’ve found in netland since last post; greasemonkey. check greasemap and google butler for starters.

see you.

borg2 votes cast

on Saturday, June 4th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + skip and smile

Well I’ve followed the borg2 madness as far as I may this year with burning man attendance looking unlikely (though phoenix festival moved back to klickitat, hmmmmm..), and cast my votes. In the spirit of exit poll results, I’ll share my choices here and now: The first $15k out of $20 was easy…

  • cranky – Dominique Vyborna’s sound amplifier is one of my favs.
  • playa hearth stop – cheap, easy, and everything I’ve wanted many a moment out there. A no-brainer vote.
  • hemispherical bridging – nerdy 48 hour sound experiment.
  • Fire Horse – a combination of paka’s rep and this badass project grabbed an expensive vote.
  • Vortex engine – promising.
  • Gaslight & Monsters – Kinetic sculptures and evil machines come to life at the twist of a knob or the pull of a lever. Plus huge magic lantern show. yeehaw.
  • Flaming Simon – recreation of the unforgettable memory game combined with flamethrowers. ’nuff.
  • Freud’s Salon – A simple psych office on the playa, and cheap. The possibilities for improv and interaction are worth it.

The last ~$5k I divided between my b-list choices: no borders books, mobilization records: f-space, weaver of worlds, hammock hangout, and strange pennies.

Honorable mentions just a tad beyond my $20k include the life size mouse trap and man amplifier.

Which brings me to a slight critique of the voting system. I would love to have given partial credit ($2.5k each or so) to the mousetrap and amplifier instead of adding my b-list choices, but no such voting was possible. Definitely something to consider, although I hate to suggest yet additional complexity to the process.

good luck all, hope to see some of the final projects.

Seattle from Afar

on Wednesday, May 25th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + music + travel

Well phoenix festival was moved to lake bronson, a venue I tend rather to dislike. I’m sure the fest will be fantastic as always, but I don’t think I’ll be making it. As a result, I think I may refocus a planned visit around Decibel Festival in late September. Decibel will be returning for its second year, and will hopefully continue to grow as a showcase for experimental and electronic music. Mark your calenders, I’m coming to town ;) .

Were I still living in my old neighborhood off union street in seattle’s central district, I would likely be beginning a new job with the recently (re)opened central cinema! Good luck all involved, and if you are within range… do drop by for a show and a pizza.

And… right down the street, a crack team of geeks and dreamers is working on a killer looking burning man project dubbed the mach12e.

I miss everyone up there! I’m struggling with whether to stay through another winter here, and where to go sooner or later. I’ve still got a rather strong itch to return to Berlin for a good portion of next year through the world cup and incredible geek gatherings throughout europe. There is little doubt that I will return to the northwest, who knows when.

Summertime Partytime

on Thursday, May 19th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + music + travel

Music is in the air… and the outdoor scene has awoken (yes, awoken). As usual, my schedule is a bit beyond my reach ;). Do share your favorite that I’ve left off, and enjoy the choons.

I’m off to the local regional burn, 3 sided whole, this weekend, and possibly ‘Junebug’ the next. Looking forward to assisting my undernourished gatherings receptors. I have high expectations, craving my usual northwest lineup of prosperity, phoenix fest, countless one-off outdoors, and the new portland regional soak (ahh.. for the ocean!).

Autechre (bbc interview) are touring the states for the first time since 2001 when I caught them in Minneapolis’ Ascot Room. Photek is out and about, ( Seattle, do not miss ).

On to the big boys… Topping the wishlist (so far) this summer is the sold out Glade Festival, july 15-17, outside Newbury, England. Headliners include hawtin, vibert (cool site), herbert, afx, squarepusher, but screw the big names … it just goes on. Glade wins primarily due to my never having attended a proper english outdoor fest – yet. Of course, the complete international circuit is back and better than ever. Sonar, june 16-18, spain, would likely be a better choice for all around experience. Someday I’ll make it to Denmark’s Roskilde, June 30 – July 3. Berlin’s loveparade is cancelled for 2005(!), but promises to return from the grave newly structured in 2006… though I’d say it has run its course. New on my list, but around since 1979, Austria’s Ars Electronica, Sept 1-6, probably belongs to a different set, but nonetheless wins for overall geek pleasure. The canadians are still kickin with Mutek’s experimental line-up. Stateside, Coachella came and went, Bonnaroo is still booking those silly jam bands, and the man burns in only 107 days, this year including borg2’s art curation experiment. Finally, and not till January, the Aussies’ big day out still looks like a damn fine tour.

Whew… Thanks all involved in making these events go down! … and remember if the music ain’t playin when you open your eyes in the morning, it ain’t a real outdoor. ;) See you by the bassbins.

Off to Austin

on Monday, March 7th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + skip and smile

The mountain is crazy with spring break beginning. When I’m not busy picking up Texans in the snow, I’m getting ready to leave Thursday for sxsw interactive. Anil has come through with kick! 2005 on the 12th. Fray Cafe 5, on the 13th, will be my first experience with the dedicated following. is even /finally/ up and running. The week should sufficiently overload me with like-minded geeks and endless introductions to last for some time. Hope to see you there.

Enjoyed a wonderful day or two in Salt Lake with Liz and Katherine. Even tried telemark ski’s for the first time at Alta. One of the more challenging ways to spend an introduction to some of Alta’s easier expert terrain ;)! Conditions have turned certifiably spring here locally. 9am hard groomers, 11:30 slush, 2:30 pm icy shade, repeat. I’m hoping for one good March storm as fabled by locals.

World Cup 2006 Tickets on Sale Feb 1st

on Monday, January 24th, 2005 ... ob: games + gatherings + travel

FIFA World Cup 2006 tickets on sale next Tuesday, Feb 1st. First phase is a lottery including ~1.1 million of the total ~3.2 million seats, all requests between Feb 1 and March 31 will be resolved April 15th. I do not currently own a mastercard, the only reasonable method of payment during this opening phase — frustrating. Rumor has it that all tickets will be RFID tagged, opening the potential of blocking ‘lost’ or scalped tickets at the gate. Scalping of some sort should be possible, lest there go empty seats of those who simply can’t make it! I’m planning my strategy, including how, and how many, of you I’ll be enlisting to help with the lottery ;) .

The tickets faq has the most easily followed information. Current preliminary standings are also interesting leading up to the tourny.

dorkbot seattle – techgnosis

on Thursday, January 20th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + geek

Seattle – This saturday, techgnosis, from the local dorkbot folk, is not to be missed. Launch for People doing strange things with electricity II at CoCA through March 3rd. Afterparty at conworks with novatron and atomikdog.

“Wear electricity! Bring a robotic date!”

Digital::Nimbus – Richard Devine & * sxsw *

on Wednesday, January 19th, 2005 ... ob: academic + gatherings + geek + media + music

Upcoming this friday the 21st, Richard Devine, live on D::N – Digital::Nimbus, streaming from kuci Irvine, CA. I miss the show nights out here, streams save the day. (via hush)

So, who’s in for sxsw, March 11-15? I’ve all but registered for the interactive conference, check the speakers. Need a place to sleep in Austin. I’d /love/ to stay for the music, but it’ll be one of the busiest weeks for instructing, so I’ll be needed on the snow.

It must be a good thing when I can include so many categories.

dorkbot & coca seattle – promote

on Monday, January 17th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + geek

from dorkbot-sea list:

jan 14 – Our posters and postcards are all back from the press, and they are looking *lovely*! I am taking a bundle of posters over to CoCA (, 410 Dexter Ave N) tomorrow; cards are there already but I’ll be topping up the stash. Anyone volunteering for buildout will be able to pick up a sheaf, and even if you can’t do the construction, please do swing by to collect postcards and posters to display in your neighborhoods!…

jan 16- …not a single, solitary person has picked up a single, solitary poster from CoCA, and nor have any of the postcards I’ve left there been collected for distribution. I’ve mailed postcards for the party and the show to exhibiting artists, but as far as posters go… it was tremendously expensive (and time-consuming) to get them done, they are designed to promote your work, and it would be absolutely fabulous if anyone who cares about making this exhibition a success could swing by CoCA, collect a sheaf of posters, and put them up…

worth it. jump in.

Pork Fest 2005

on Monday, January 10th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + society

From the #hooked daily grind, sunday brings a special occasion, Pork Fest 2005.

… I found myself rapidly embroiled in a debate over whether a human could eat all of that ham in one day. “Of course you could,” I said, “hell, I’d eat all that in a day, no problem.”

No problem indeed. And thus was born the great PORKFEST of 2005: an all-day attempt to dispatch a plastic-wrapped hunk of meat roughly the size, shape, and density of a bowling ball. Ill-advised? Maybe. Dangerous? Perhaps. An offense to all that is good and right in this world? With absolute certainty, yes. See you Sunday.

Best of luck.

Back in 2k5

on Tuesday, January 4th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + photo

Made it, barely at points. Santa Fe – Arches – Salt Lake City – Reno – San Francisco – Phoenix – Grand Canyon – Santa Fe. Hope everyone had as much fun as we did along the way ;). Check out a few photos from the trip.

san francisco nye 2k5

on Wednesday, December 29th, 2004 ... ob: gatherings

I’m off to San Francisco for new years. If you are in the area, get in touch. Be back next year. Happy new years! ;) …