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November 2000 through April 2009 did not miss a month on here’s blog. Big changes and 3 months whizzed by, what’s the hurry!? No more; I’m back; and How.

Mikes moved to Seattle (not Portland) and is now single (oy!).

Driving thanks go out to the Aspen, yellow lanes, and the mountains along the way.


Missing months May~July will now be filled with texts from those days, cause I’m too cool to have holes in these archives. Say hi, come visit, 206!

Cranky seattle slept poor but odd in-it-together ~ hoping for all-days all-time high @ 101 (so low)
8:07 AM Jul 29th from txt

Best falafel in years… Lucky guess ~~ mawadda cafe south rainier at s graham ~~ love this area
7:34 PM Jul 28th from txt

Bkfst at beths seattle ~~ even trashier than i remember ;p ~~ fuel for packing produce today ~~ more food
6:55 AM Jul 28th from txt

I heart seattle but.and miss the sticks ~~ join tonight around 11th and pine after block party ~!
1:19 PM Jul 25th from txt

Smiling wide with new unicycle to ride!! ~~ seattle needs to wear more color
10:15 PM Jul 21st from txt

Join 18th and alberta , star trek on the wall ~~ happy monday
11:19 PM Jul 20th from txt

Join now at psu market ;) ~~ eat food!
12:29 PM Jul 18th from txt

Pdx ‘chance of rain’ with #go board and flyer for photosynthesis fest w tobin and novatron aug 7 …
6:29 PM Jul 17th from txt

Riding the king county buses and kexp actualy alright ~~ people people people!!! ~~ fremont tonight xD
5:00 PM Jul 15th from txt

Eating vegan buttery spread with can of wine… Ahh northwest ;p
12:27 AM Jul 14th from txt

First view of rainier from se ~~ seven days drive #santafe #seattle ~~ up up westside ;p
2:32 PM Jul 10th from txt

Ne utah ~ Idaho plates density increasing ~ annoyed that i get reception out here…. Luddite
11:58 AM Jul 7th from txt

Crossed nm/co state line with a one way ticket ~~ odom: 199899!! ~~ happy pyro day ~~ usa!
6:41 PM Jul 4th from txt

Packed: Skim+long+skate+ski+snow.Boards ~ still seek camping friends this wknd ~ flagstaff? or UT/CO north/nwest
8:43 AM Jul 2nd from txt

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