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Last Tue/Wed, Pioneer square presented a surprising and odd avant-ish performance in occidental park by D.K. Pan, NKO and Holly Brown. Inspired by murakami (new to me). Apparently a full series of location specific performance pieces sponsored by artsparks more details at murakami in the park. Gracias mucho ~~ lovely performance!

belltown seattle hostel
The Belltown galleries were hopping last Friday at which the highlight was the new hostel with each room painted by a different artist. With a new and bigger HI hostel opened last month direct next to the King St. train station, Rex and crew at ye ‘ol greeney may finally have some real competition in town.

Also in Belltown, corin’s fantasmal was showing plenty of color in an apartment entryway, just as a relaxed art walk should be. And, the halogen gallery had some nice pop/japan/street style canvas with connections to the bherd space in greenwood. Grats all around —

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  1. hope505 Says:

    …just saying hey…ssshhhh, it’s me, Br!dg3tt from the 505!
    Anyway…stumbled here from elsewhere & figured I’d say hello.
    * : )

  2. spinifex Says:

    looks cool mike
    hope we can hang next time your down
    as always thanks for your help

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