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on Thursday, April 2nd, 2009 ... ob: skip and smile

I turned 30, yes mee too. Love to all who touched and ~om~ // keep up the txt text!

30-venus-moonPlanetary #eclipse in #santafe ! Aiieeee!!! Happy earth day!
6:17 AM Apr 22nd from txt

Moon at dawn with star is mindblowing!!! Get up get up! ;)
5:57 AM Apr 22nd from txt

Watching impressive skaters play near watertower at railyard #santafe
7:33 PM Apr 21st from txt

Last shift of weekend ~ 3x dinner, 2x breakfast, 2x lunch ~ pack ’em in ;) ~ join tonight at andiamo #santafe
5:40 PM Apr 19th from txt

Marcy street card shop sez those rolls of perf’d stickers are discontinued ~ tragedy ~ stick a sticker today!!
3:05 PM Apr 18th from txt

Caught a few waves at moonlight beach , encinitas , san diego ~~ up up #pacificocean ~~ west coast ;)
3:00 PM Apr 12th from txt

North on i~5 at mission bay ~~ can someone lookup west coast high tide for me?? ~~ #sandiego
11:30 AM Apr 12th from txt

Commercial baking class ~~ cinnamon rolls today ~~ @cbmoocow not skiing again till may #abasin ;p
7:41 AM Apr 8th from txt

Yet still not comfy with awaking before sun ~~ but these rises will never get old ;)
7:36 AM Apr 8th from txt

Installing server 2008 while dreaming of snowy slopes and baked goods ~~ this life amuses ~~
11:40 AM Apr 7th from txt

A new decade of age makes, “how old are you”, newly entertaining ;p //
11:23 PM Apr 3rd from txt

Twenty-nine was a good year ;) ~~ love to all who helped ! ~~
9:38 PM Apr 1st from txt