Ubiquimee Ubiquitoo

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This newish plugin from mozilla labs provides a keyboard interface between web services and allows for amazing new magic from any browser. Check out the video for a quick dazzle…

Favorite ubiquity commands at first glance —

command-list // Lists all available commands.
calculate // Calculates the value of a mathematical expression.
convert // Converts a selection to a PDF, to rich text, or to html.
map-these // Maps multiple selected addresses or links onto a single Google Map. (Experimental!)
syntax-highlight // Treats your selection as program source code, guesses its language, and colors it based on syntax.
translate // Translates from one language to another.

See also: Commands in the Wild , Ubiquity Command Suggestions.

Request/Todo: Gmail labels by keyboard, looks like it should be possible to code! ( Update: The code should be similar to the greasemonkey script for gmail, macros. )

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