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doch, supe!

on Wednesday, October 31st, 2007 ... ob: skip and smile

Here’s another pumpkin for Justin, among others, ;).

pacman pumpkinLets see; Spanish past tense is fascinating and culinary classes should be challenging(?). On the other side of the chalkboard, I’ve little idea what to expect from upcoming substitute teaching k-12, but teaching on the snow has me giddy. Catering and Wine-ing continue alongside geeking, and webbing… and and.. enjoying the full schedule ;).

Also — please come join us at the 8th annual Santa Fe Film Festival! 200+ films in 4 days, mmm mmm good. I’m helping with volunteer organization this year, and enjoying a view at the volunteer game from the other side ;).

Finally — this Saturday in Berlin City, DE — the first ever chessboxing world light heavyweight title: from San Francisco, David “DOUBLE D” Depto 85 Kg rated 1850 vs. “ANTI TERROR” Frank Stoldt aus Berlin 84.5 Kg rated 2000. At Tape, just north of the 1 year old Hauptbahnhof… don’t miss.