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This Saturday! Dance Parade NYC

on Thursday, May 17th, 2007 ... ob: movement + music + skip and smile

Goa at Karneval de Kultur 2006I’m quite excited to see the new Dance Parade planned this Saturday the 19th of May in NYC. It reminds of the Karneval der Kulturen of Berlin (upcoming May 25-28). While attending the 2006 Karneval, I had one of those, “this never happens in the states”, moments. Of course, both Berlin and NYC are exceptions within their nations, and it’s refreshing to see events with such potential kicking off for a first run this side of the border.

From their site: “We are celebrating everything from Break dance to Ballet with Burning Man Spirit and Love Parade Energy.” Well, Love Parade 2006 sounded and acted like the zombie it now is, but with alternatives like this — good riddance! This style of parade allows a few nice beat floats including a variety of styles (goa, dnb, trance, hip hop), something at which last years Love Parade failed miserably, while also blasting some Salsa, Irish, and Asian tunes to enjoy along the way!

As I’ve said about similar events in the past, the ultimate success of this event will be determined by the accessibility of public participation. One key to Karneval in berlin is allowing everyone into the parade street to dance along. Oh, and sufficient volume never hurts ;). Kelley, I expect a personal review! ;) Looking forward to seeing the picutres!

[ed: photos from flicker tagged danceparade]

Rojo stumbles; Google reader improving

on Wednesday, May 16th, 2007 ... ob: geek

I’m sure by now all of you are using an aggregator to collect your favorite blogs, photo streams, podcasts, and other updated material into one location for easy consumption — haha, just kidding, I know most of you aren’t(!). For a reminder, check out my public aggregator at, which collects a slightly outdated set of feeds right here on herebox. Notice the long list of sources down the side contributing to the content.

I’ve been happily using for years, but a gap in service from last Sunday through Tuesday prompted an overdue survey of current options. Industry leader bloglines lacks a native river-of-news view, still eliminating them from consideration immediately. Google Reader and Rojo offer both tags to organize various feeds and a river-of-news view. Google’s product imported my OPML from rojo correctly and is much cleaner and functional since my previous visit mid-last year. Rojo remains better looking than Google’s, though perhaps only due to my familiarity, however Rojo’s own AJAX based redesign mid-last year hurt its performance significantly. It is a huge resource hog when loading, occasionally causing my entire browser to become unresponsive for a few moments. Further, it periodically jumps back to the top of the page while loading. These complaints aside, I continue to prefer Rojo’s overall interaction design and organization. Google needs to improve their tag / label interface across all of their services in Gmail. Their current drop-down list is horribly slow and awkward when adding or removing tags / labels and should be complimented with a keyboard-shortcut to add-a-tag predictive-text-box, as well as showing current tags when viewing an item with 1-click removal ability (see flickr, rojo, delicious). [ed-May-23:: Google reader has a fantastic keyboard-shortcut to tag-input function. Now let’s see that in Gmail!]

In summary, Google’s Reader service is catching up quickly to my remaining favorite Rojo, which is ailing from long-term performance and development issues. Apologies for limiting to the big 3; please suggest any river-of-news browser-based aggregators you would also recommend.

[ed-May18:: wow, yahoo pipes, just wow. to be reviewed. ]

Wagner to Pentagonik

on Friday, May 4th, 2007 ... ob: audio + media + music

Tonight! Midnight – 2am MDT. I’ll be guesting on spinfex’s twisted groove with plans for a 2-hour dash via Wagner, Debussy, Varese, Stockhausen, Squarepusher, and Pentagonik… Headphones recommended.

Listen at, or 90.7 FM near Santa Fe, NM.

* Feb 17 2007 – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 ( 59:55 )

* Feb 17 2007 – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 ( 56:04 )

Thanks again to spinefx & ksfr for the airtime.