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Sculpted primitives added to Second Life

on Sunday, April 29th, 2007 ... ob: geek

Linden’s official announcement on friday, The advent of … sculpted prims, is exciting. Until now, all 3D content was constructed by combining and scaling multiple fundamental geometric shapes (spheres, tori, cubes, etc.). These new sculpted primitives may be imported and exported directly between the vitual world and 3D design applications such as expensive Maya, google’s Sketchup, or the open source blender which will facilitate a huge leap in content complexity. This opens the door to a practically limitless body of existing 3D content. It will also bring a new wave of seasoned 3D enthusiasts into the fray, changing the healthy SL content creation market dramatically. See also: Second Life Wiki: Sculpted Prims.

In world go club meetings are Monday (noon – 2pm SLT) and Thursday (8pm to 10pm SLT), at the go center of second life, see pictures.

English Wikipedia static version 0.5

on Wednesday, April 11th, 2007 ... ob: academic

Following early German language efforts in 2004, the english wikipedia has released their first official static collection of articles. Weighing in under 2,000 articles, the collection represents around 0.1% of wikipedia’s current size at over 1,700,000 english articles. The initial release, version 0.5, is the first of two planned test releases to be released during 2007 in preparation for a polished and balanced version 1.0. I find these efforts within the wikipedia community extremely exciting and hope that these free and public releases will allow access to otherwise unreachable audiences.

These releases will be scrutinized for accuracy and will hopefully demonstrate a new phase of maturity for the project. One can even hope for a renewed interest in ongoing participation within the general public.

Find further details by browsing the contents of version 0.5 , buy or download a free copy at , and participate in the efforts toward the 1.0 release on the Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team page. Torrent downloads available via, compressed as kiwix-0.5.iso.bz2 or uncompressed as kiwix-0.5.iso.

As always, please don’t hesitate to request my assistance with anything wikipedia related via email or my user page at user:here.

links for the week

on Monday, April 2nd, 2007 ... ob: one liners

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  • Nota Bene Second Life
    Will you come to court? No. Since current Notary Public law doesn’t cover cyber-space notaries, we wouldn’t have much standing . The notary makes no claim about the people in control of the avatars. — nonetheless…
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