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Happy Solstice! I enjoyed a fantastic evening meal and bike ride with roomies and music under a large tree. Perfect weather. And now, it is /officially/ time to start dreaming about snow. Bring it ;).

Following solstice, now the 22nd, international day of the chocolate cookie, as promoted by Görlitzer Park this evening.

So yes, my posts are slacking as I’ve been too busy riding around the streets of Berlin; learning some sweet Javascript and XML tricks; and (oh yes) watching a few live world cup games along the way. In short — life is good, extremely full, and entirely berlin. For the first time since arrival, I’ll be making may way out of town through the end of next week to find fusion festival — thinking about all you from the northwest and NM who I won’t get to go camping with this summer(!)

One geek tip for the day. Working on the net with various circles, one instant message protocol seems never enough. Thankfully, I’ve re-discovered and finally accepted gaim into my life — and I couldn’t be happier. I’d tried it over the years but never found it satisfactory, until now. Handles: aim, msn, jabber (including gtalk), yahoo, irc, more if you have ’em — all in one ad-free window. One beast of an app, highly recommended. (MacOS see adium)

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    Thanks for the link and happy Interantional
    Day of the Chocolate Cookie!

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