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Long road to Berlin

on Sunday, April 23rd, 2006 ... ob: travel

P.S. I know you’ll all find this, hahahahaha.

I’ve finally arrived! After leaving santa fe shortly following my 27th birthday on april 2nd, I sit now at the circus hostel in Berlin searching for a place to live. My brain and body are slowly catching up, though they still need some time.

Along the way I saw Justin Mack, Bev Williamson in Caldwell, Idaho; Miles and Korina Meck, and Gavin in Missoula, Montana; Heather Bartell, Marc Knoblock, Matt Bennett, Bill and Gloria Waggoner in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; Corinne Hardenbergh, Jeff Toce, Phil Valenta, Kurt Kohlstedt, Mary Whisenhunt, Kyle Coffey, John Hull, Veronica Vergoth, Jennifer Showe, Nika, Nathan, Holly, Megan Keys, and my brother Jeff Waggoner in Seattle; Alicia Savage in Bellingham; and Rana Banerjee, Ryan Liverman, David Greenberg, Manton Carl, and Will Damon in Boston! Sadly, I also left Ginger Wells in sunny Santa Fe — I miss you! It was amazing to see everyone and a beautiful journey both faces and mountains. Till next time, I’ll be thinking of you all.

I’ve listed everyone’s full name here as somewhat of a joke — I wonder how high this will index for a search ;). Feel free to send a different link to push rank and traffic. I am also quite happy to say that I have finally ousted all others for the #1 spot on google for mike+waggoner.

I uploaded over 50 new photos today. I already have many on my new camera and they will be coming soon! Meanwhile, I have much work to do and a room to find. My old phone will be dead soon — write for the new number.

Happy earth day!