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feeds and fones (free!)

on Sunday, February 12th, 2006 ... ob: geek + media

I’m happy to have finally enable some form of feed sharing. I check rojo at least daily, often many times, to read a river of news presentation of my subscribed syndication feeds. I believe their organization (tags like gmail’s labels) to be far superior to the more popular bloglines. However, they give me no URI for my OPML file, but rather require me to push-button export it every time I want a copy. I was not alone in recommending that this ability be accessible via a public URI. At least they provide a token authorized public feed.

Enter, gregarius — installed at . You can now easily read and filter the full stream of input I pull via xml syndication. The theme system has proven more difficult than (appears) need be, but I do like the general idea and mechanics. Hopefully I will be able to further customize to my liking.

I may yet switch to another locally hosted option, Feeds on Feeds Redux (FoFR). Born from the perhaps stale, Feeds on Feeds (wordpress plugin!), I am glad to see conversation appearing on the sourceforge message board about bringing the social element into FoFR as is attempted at bloglines and rojo.

The only thing left is to fully integrate sharing opml files into a social publishing network; as trackbacks and comments have the blogger networks.

See also, new browser based rss reader newsalloy, with keyboard shortcuts!

skype. If I miss it, it will ring my cellphone ;). Try it out and I will send you free stickers!!

live twisted groove on ksfr with spinefx and here

on Friday, February 10th, 2006 ... ob: geek + media + music

2 hours of twisted groove produced by spinfx and yours truly, up in 53 minutes at 23:00 PST live on ksfr (windows media stream). Will post full audio from both shows soon.

Big ups to my musical inspiration for the show zim!, aleksi, super science, colongib, hoffmann, virt, and everyone at monotonik (nice old netlabel). Fantastic 8-bit, static, drum and bass, etc — released under creative commons and easily found over at legaltorrents. Many good music finds including 8 Bit Peoples and Alpha Cat Boogie; the Modern Day Gamer Documentary 3-Pack (torrent) is worth a watch if interested, and DO NOT MISS — The Meaty McMeat Show (torrent), ‘a diseased human organ and his colleague [who] travel back in time to meet an all-knowing psychic talking pie.’

Enjoy your evening ;).

Loan me a comment and Prosper

on Thursday, February 9th, 2006 ... ob: business + geek + meta + society

I’m fairly excited about peer to peer loan ideas emerging. Launched this past Sunday Feb 5th, the basic idea behind Prosper, Inc., at, I expect will eventually be huge business. Individuals may share the risk of funding their peers’ loans of up to $25,000, in chunks as low as $50 per person. Of course you may also ask for a loan from your peers and allow them to bid on the ability and rate at which to lend you money. CEO of Prosper is Chris Larson, the cofounder, in 1996, of the successful E-Loan, now owned by the Puerto Rican banking group Popular, Inc.

I’ll be watching the discussion forums to guage initial activity, currently very low. I expect and hope that some mad ideas will be funded well below market interest rates. Best yet, $2,700 for ‘
Wardrobe for work
‘, already fully funded at 8% by 11 different lenders. What a fascinating new tool.

See also — writeup on the Prosper launch at TechCrunch, the more established ( from London ), individual to small buisness in developing economies at, the group fundraising focus at, the sourceforge/pgp attempt at Ripple, and the article on free banking at wikipedia.

I installed wordpress 2.0.1! My first upgrade since 1.5, the improvements are immediate. After removing the 15,000+ spam comments which had accumulated, new spam appears to be effectively blocked (~100 in 24 hours) thanks to the newly implemented akismet. Their stats currently claim that 82% of all comments are spam!

As a result, I’ve re-styled and re-enabled all comments on the blog! They should work great and be spam-free … for now!