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snowboarding the comments away

on Friday, January 27th, 2006 ... ob: gatherings + geek + movement + travel

Every few days I pick up this world snowboard guide I managed to acquire for a few pages of day-dream. Today I happended across summer and heli specific suggestions. Check out Russia’s SPC summer camp near the Georgian border and Mt Elbrus 5642m (18510ft), the highest mountain in europe. Further west, the iceland park project in may and june offers surfing and skating alongside their impressive snowboard park. Not enough? Try hiring a helicoptor to your whim near Khan Tengri (eye candy) at 7010m (23000ft) in Kazakhstan or the 100,000ft of verticle program down the Himalayas of India.

Two more for sliders also geeks. The tetongravity forum snow geeks note, we get some pretty strange looks from people when they ask where we’re from, and we tell them “the internet”. (via mina boards) Also, come help develop wikipedia’s struggling snowboard development — terrain parks alone should provide a starting point. It would be great to similarly collaborate on teaching progressions.

In case you ever want a bad winter to compare against, it is now January 27th, and the snow report soars at a 17 inch base.

I will be disabling comments entirely until I can try out automattic‘s new askimet. I need to bump up from ancient wordpress 1.5. Looking forward to perhaps a calm in the storm of the evil that spam represents. By all means, please email your thoughts directly ;).

Off to Berlin

on Thursday, January 26th, 2006 ... ob: skip and smile + travel

I booked my flight into Berlin today riding Aer Lingus from Boston through Dublin arriving April 21st. It will be my first travel outside north america since 1999 and I can’t wait to see the change. I’m still on the hunt for a place to live upon arrival, wish me luck!

Through my research I ran across an excellent collection of Discount airlines in Europe on wikitravel. My favorite off the list is definitely, which does an impressive job of showing fare variance both between carriers and by date, a full month at a time! I ended up avoiding the well-known Ryan air due to a 33lb baggage restriction, but may take advantage of their ~$20-30 flights throughout europe once I’m there.

Come visit for the world cup 2006 finals and we can watch the crowds amass in the streets of Berlin. Considering tickets are already easily pulling $5003000 (finals) on ebay, I think that’s as close as I’ll be getting to any seats ;)!

live on ksfr

on Friday, January 13th, 2006 ... ob: audio + music

Happy new year internet-land!

For anyone out there watching that rss feed, I’ll be on ksfr, santa fe public radio, from midnight till 2am this evening (MST, approx 2.5 hours from now). Live stream available at ; call in and I guarantee free stickers in the mail.

Someone send me a snowkite.

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