Cantenna and Magnetic Snowboard Bindings!

at 20:38 ... ob: academic + games + geek + one liners + travel

one liners:

  • cantenna – “How To Build A Tin Can Waveguide WiFi Antenna” for 802.11b/g or 2.4Ghz apps. Personal testimonials from the Nevada desert claim great success. (–where you at Matt?!)
  • Graf Snowboards, resources for /building/ snowboards ;). Possible magnetic bindings, already tried on a skateboard, follow discussion at graf… (graf via greg at
  • css discuss wiki – 800+ messages in 10 days, and a decent wiki to accompany.
  • Mirek’s Java Cellebration (MJCell) is a Java applet that allows playing 300+ Cellular Automata rules and 1400+ patterns. Ohhh… the patterns, man, the patterns.
  • giantmicrobes – “We make stuffed animals that look like tiny microbes” , nothing to say.
  • The Supreme Court – because it inspires, and because I forget. bios (pdf) of current justices.
  • Vendee Globe 2004 is nearing completion. “A sailing race around the world, for singlehanders, without any stopover.” Intense.

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