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snowboards and content management

on Tuesday, December 20th, 2005 ... ob: geek

Almost two weeks later… we’ll see if I get 4 posts out of the month ;)

Still without snow to speak of (base 16 inches), the holiday rush has begun anyway on the hill. Instead of powder stories, two new developments from the front lines of snowboard technology. First off, I finally ran across lib tech’s new magne-traction concept this past weekend. They’ve added 7 waves to the previously relatively straightforward edge curves, claiming that it turns ice into powder (haha). You have to see a picture to understand. I’ll report back after a demo in coming weeks. Second, poor Burton, caught on the wrong end of the magne-traction patent, is trying to outshine with their Audio External Communications System, audextech (annoying flash site), their new line of wearable electronics. Burton has always been, solely dedicated to creating the best snowboarding equipment on the planet, and I think it is awesome to see them geek out and include this in their product line. Too bad snowboarding companies are some of the worst at creating dysfunctional and annoying websites, that one is truly ridiculously useless. Unfortunately, I have to assume their first attempt at this niche market will be equally absurd.

I spent a bit of time playing with Joomla and Drupal in hopes of applying them to web design projects. Both are leading PHP / MySQL content management systems (CMS) similar to the fantastic wordpress, which I (currently) use to manage this very blog. Two others look amazing, but out of reach for the moment, simian (commercial) and opencms (uses unsupported Jakarta Tomcat sevlet container for java, (dreamhost users vote for support!)

Joomla, which recently forked from Mambo, needs to pull itself together and get with the program. I’m witholding opinion on the fork, apparently some intra-community politics, but I’ve was further disappointed by the lack of built-in support for human friendly links. The best solution available costs 40 €, from a core developer! I hope the profit pays for his time to redesign the database structure to allow for basic usability. Until then, no thanks.

Drupal, while more difficult to install, appears to have all the bells and whistles dreams are made of. I have yet to hack my way fully through the templating/theme system, but I do think I will be using drupal for a few upcoming projects. A nice seasonal example of application by cameron is

Oh, and happy holidays! ;)

Let it snow! (and other geek)

on Wednesday, December 7th, 2005 ... ob: geek + general + photo + skip and smile

It’s official, ski santa fe will be opening this Saturday. We’re a far cry behind the rest of the country in snowfall this year, but who cares! I’m goin snowboarding Saturday ;).

We will be successful when we can find every digital photo in the world.“, that is, every single photo containing your face. Finally applying recent text and face recognition advancements to the massive quantity of publicly indexed digital photos, riya promises to bring you every image on earth you happen to have found your way into. (via enjoy-surveillance)

In rss, Track your favorite member of congress’ votes via rss.

Those in Santa Fe, I’ll be round and about the santa fe film festival much of the next 4 days, come visit.

I’ve held myself to a post-once-a-month minimum for some time now on this blog. Initially intended as just that, a minimum, it seems to have turned into a rigid norm. As an experiment, I’ll be holding myself to once-a-week through december. I expect it will be painless, and likely quite enjoyable.

Sidebar greets to morgan (fatgrrl, !!!) and ye ‘ole john schott (ratchetup, see you in Berlin!). Also enjoy-surveillance (in german) alongside dorkbot and near-near-future.

Sad to see will’s blog end, keep in touch!

whew.. first post since August that I didn’t mention wikipedia, i mean, drat….