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Let it snow!..

on Thursday, September 29th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + geek + general

Snow fell as low as 8500 feet on the mountain today! For joy, for joy.

Why not start with rojo, where I’ve happily moved my syndication intake. At least for the moment, I prefer it to the more popular bloglines. The ability to share full OPML and individual story information is lacking, but the ability to read my feeds efficiently does the trick. Please do contribute to cori’s rojo suggestions wiki or the rojomojo google group to help make the service better.

I’ve added we-make-money-not-art to my sidebar. It remains my favorite collection of global geek without annoying me like engadget and other similarly oriented sites.

Wikipedia has officially usurped google as my first stop for encyclopedic information, likely more than 50% of my internet queries. John Roberts‘ entry, our new supreme court chief justice, offers a good example of why it is typically better-than-google source for quick undiluted information. Of course, the real beauty for me on wikipedia, is the discussion pages. A quick glance at roberts’ discussion page hints at the work that has gone into the current entry. Wikipedia’s sustained growth rate, now well established in Alexa’s top 50 (and steadily rising), should be enough to convince any skeptics it is worthy of serious attention.

Burning man came and went. Ars Electronica came and went. Decibel Festival came and went. See you all some other year, thanks for all the photos ;).

We went to the sanddunes with snowboards, yeehaw!