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borg2 votes cast

on Saturday, June 4th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + skip and smile

Well I’ve followed the borg2 madness as far as I may this year with burning man attendance looking unlikely (though phoenix festival moved back to klickitat, hmmmmm..), and cast my votes. In the spirit of exit poll results, I’ll share my choices here and now: The first $15k out of $20 was easy…

  • cranky – Dominique Vyborna’s sound amplifier is one of my favs.
  • playa hearth stop – cheap, easy, and everything I’ve wanted many a moment out there. A no-brainer vote.
  • hemispherical bridging – nerdy 48 hour sound experiment.
  • Fire Horse – a combination of paka’s rep and this badass project grabbed an expensive vote.
  • Vortex engine – promising.
  • Gaslight & Monsters – Kinetic sculptures and evil machines come to life at the twist of a knob or the pull of a lever. Plus huge magic lantern show. yeehaw.
  • Flaming Simon – recreation of the unforgettable memory game combined with flamethrowers. ’nuff.
  • Freud’s Salon – A simple psych office on the playa, and cheap. The possibilities for improv and interaction are worth it.

The last ~$5k I divided between my b-list choices: no borders books, mobilization records: f-space, weaver of worlds, hammock hangout, and strange pennies.

Honorable mentions just a tad beyond my $20k include the life size mouse trap and man amplifier.

Which brings me to a slight critique of the voting system. I would love to have given partial credit ($2.5k each or so) to the mousetrap and amplifier instead of adding my b-list choices, but no such voting was possible. Definitely something to consider, although I hate to suggest yet additional complexity to the process.

good luck all, hope to see some of the final projects.