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Off to Austin

on Monday, March 7th, 2005 ... ob: gatherings + skip and smile

The mountain is crazy with spring break beginning. When I’m not busy picking up Texans in the snow, I’m getting ready to leave Thursday for sxsw interactive. Anil has come through with kick! 2005 on the 12th. Fray Cafe 5, on the 13th, will be my first experience with the dedicated following. is even /finally/ up and running. The week should sufficiently overload me with like-minded geeks and endless introductions to last for some time. Hope to see you there.

Enjoyed a wonderful day or two in Salt Lake with Liz and Katherine. Even tried telemark ski’s for the first time at Alta. One of the more challenging ways to spend an introduction to some of Alta’s easier expert terrain ;)! Conditions have turned certifiably spring here locally. 9am hard groomers, 11:30 slush, 2:30 pm icy shade, repeat. I’m hoping for one good March storm as fabled by locals.