Odd Links and Feeds Finally Win

at 08:53 ... ob: geek + general

one liners:
googlism : try your first or last name.
Porn music for the masses. ’nuff.
jungletrain.net : 24/7 live dnb.
photo friday contest.
beer logos in illustrator format. –cam
liberum : open source help desk.

Saw this guy out and about at the santa fe film festival sporting his fiber/led cheese-wear. He had a custom jacket displaying a tri-color rotating cube surrounded by a starfield similar in look to the popular screensaver variants — really cool! I miss dorkbot.

In pop trivia, Mr. Bungle, now most widely recognized as a rather noisy band, was named after a puppet in a 1959 childrens ‘lunchroom manners’ video made popular by peewee herman(!) on an old HBO special.

I’m (finally) addicted to feeds! The vast majority of sites I follow now have feeds implemented, usually thanks to the widespread popularity of cms use. I’m using thunderbird for both mail and feeds, but will likely explore other options as the number of feeds I follow continues to grow. Currently on the list: mandolux, a list apart, boxes and arrows, camworld, dorkbot, googleblog, northfield.org, nwtekno, planethci, wordpress-dev.

I suppose I should also mention that tab browsing took a short few days to convert me. Ok, I get it now.

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