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I’ve been playing a daily game or two of Go recently, mostly against gnugo v3.4. I am slowly improving and almost able to reliably win on a 9×9 board at the easist difficulty ;). Just in time, version 3.6 was released today, supposedly slightly stronger, and should set me back another week or so. I have been feeding played games back through gnugo using the –replay option prompting the engine to consider each position played and notate what it finds as the best move. Anyone interested in a game, drop a line and we can meet on igs or similar.

Google gets another cheer from my corner with google scholar. It can still be difficult to pull full text documents out of the journal empire, but it looks like it works excellently at pulling academic results for such topics as teleportation, labanotation, and gravity waves. Re-msn… keep working, I’ll check back around version 3.

In the probably-not-worth-the-time dept: I’d like to add a friend of a friend (FOAF) doc here. A nice potential alternative to social networking sites, FOAF as with blogs will see realtively limited implementation. Though perhaps it will lead to a protocol worth implementing through a more traditional social networking site structure (orkut xml, yum). Plus, #irpg on EFnet (and many clones) is possibly even more clever than progress quest, and at least as pointless.

Final thought: Ryan called me up the other day pointed out that the classic video game oregon trail was initially programmed at carleton college way back in 1971. yeehaw carl. Thanks ryan.

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