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R.I.P. John Peel & WordPress for all!

on Sunday, October 31st, 2004 ... ob: geek + meta + music

Had a fun halloween in Santa Fe and Madrid down here in New Mexico. My travel to New Mexico was wonderful… Nothing quite like spending two days on the ‘dirty dog‘. Salt Lake City, with Katherine for a day, was a nice stop over to break up the trip. Though, Butte, Montana was the highlight on the bus. One through Seven in the morning stuck at an isolated bus station small enough to hear anything said among the 25 or so travelers. It made for an entertaining, although unusual, conversation with no escape for anyone ;).

I will miss John Peel of Radio 1 fame, who passed away on Tuesday. I am far from alone in respecting him as one of the worlds most influential DJs spanning more genres than I’ll ever know. His absence leaves a hole in my music input I’m not sure where to fill. Thanks for all the tunes, good and bad. Now, about that record collection, looks like I’ll be competing with the British Library.

I’ve decided to switch to wordpress as a cms for . It was a tough decision against movabletype, but open source and a solid community have won my support. Blogger has been a great tool, but I feel my needs diverging from its audience. Meanwhile, google’s stock [GOOG] continues to spiral out of control — 196!?

Congrats Will and Diane off to Boston for an eastside adventure. Good luck out there.