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New place & A few gatherings…

on Friday, July 30th, 2004 ... ob: gatherings + general

Almost two months slipping by… have to get this one in before the dial flips to 8. click-clack.

Found a new place on 16th, 5 blocks closer to downtown, where I seem to spend the vast majority of my free time these days. It might just be the fabulous weather, but I’m rarely frowning walking, biking, or skating between the market, the hostel, and the new library. The lease cycles on October 1st, after which my living situation is again tenuous. I can only hope that things will go smoothly and cheaply, .. I love that I can make myself laugh so easily ;).

I’ve reluctantly decided not to attend burning man this year, but was fortunate to enjoy both phoenix festival and burn in the forest / soundproof outside of squamish, British Columbia. Shambhala is taking place August 13-15th up north… any and all who can make it, should.