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seattle insider tip o the…

on Friday, April 23rd, 2004 ... ob: pre 2005

Seattle insider tip o’ the day, Cirque du Soleil is holding regional invite only tryouts at the Seattle Center’s “Center House” through the end of the week. Had I the free time, would I be sitting the back row for a great free show.

plastikman is back for the…

on Friday, April 23rd, 2004 ... ob: pre 2005

Plastikman is back for the first live show since ’95 smack in the middle of the continuing summer festival maddness at this year’s Mutek, June 2-6 in Montreal. Add matthew herbert to the list, and I start searching the couch for lost $100s. Yet, the northwest brings no despair, I’m sure Mutek will be remembered as only a warm up for the infamous return of Phoenix Fest once again. Why spend pyro day in urbania when you could kick off July in style camped below chicken hed’s glorious stage of sound for a solid 72 hours?

one current guest at the…

on Wednesday, April 21st, 2004 ... ob: pre 2005

One current guest at the tortoise is awaiting departure to Tokyo aboard a container ship arranged through Freighter World Cruises. A few of these routes are over 120 days long! Also recommended is the still mostly unexplored Internet Guide to Freighter Travel, including further links regarding modern day piracy. Finally, the somewhat chaotic cargo law pages appear to have content confused beneath its links, check out the photo gallery of cargo loss including this impressive series of photos showing a towboat flipping under a bridge.

i cant escape coachella and…

on Wednesday, April 7th, 2004 ... ob: pre 2005

I can’t escape coachella and it is driving me crazy. Much like sxsw, I’ve been following it for a few years and haven’t yet been able to make it… Not only are Seattle folks going, but now I have to deal with the hostellers who casually mention they have to be in California for a ‘concert’. Concert doesn’t quite do it justice. Plus, there’s even a decent chance for an earthquake down there, now /that/ would be fun at a huge, flat, supermassive.

… speaking of, check out these folks attempting to show quake similarities on the net as a self-organizing system, interquakes of course.

Kurt Cobain visits Chernobyl…

on Tuesday, April 6th, 2004 ... ob: geek + one liners + photo + travel

Finally getting around to posting old links. Watch this blog blow back up without a girl to distract ;).

Ryan sends one of the coolest photologs I’ve ever seen following a russian scientist with a penchant for motorcycles through the Chernobyl dead zone. Furthermore, the thematic connection with tarkovsky’sStalker‘ is, indeed, impressive. Ryan also pointed out, to takovsky’s credit, Stalker’s arrival 7 years before Chernobyl’s claim to fame.

Mike sends the GUIdebook – Graphical User Interface Gallery to check out interfaces back through Win 1.0 and Mac System 1.

The apartment and employment search continues.. I rediscovered today which may turn up some interesting new leads. I was also amused to learn that /the/ craig of craigslist was swayed by the sxsw geeks to switch to a powerbook.

Corinne and I drove by Kurt Cobain’s old residence today, the 10th anniversary. Purely an act of pop-voyeurism, we weren’t disappointed by the decent crowd, tv cameras, and security present at the location. There were definitely a few guests at the hostel the past few days in town purely for the occasion, some of whom attempted to reach his birthplace in Aberdeen.

i read today that this…

on Monday, April 5th, 2004 ... ob: pre 2005

I read today that this is the year of the monkey, according to legend lucky but unpredictable. So far so good, unpredictable taken care or, luck on the way. Though, any further references to superstition on this blog will start to worry me.

Congratulations to me for tapping my way through a quarter century on this ‘ol ball of rock, earth. April 2 brought a quiet day returning to Seattle from a brief Idaho visit and a delicious meal at Elliott’s along the waterfront. Thank you much to those who called — those who didn’t, cash donations and airline miles are accepted year round ;).

I can’t wait to find a new place, but have yet to find the match. If you or anyone you know is in the Seattle area, please do let me know if you have any ideas.