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the month of march eh…

on Tuesday, March 30th, 2004 ... ob: pre 2005

The month of March, eh — should have paid closer attention to that last fortune cookie.

I picked up a new job down at the seattle green tortoise hostel of the same history as the ever persisting bus line dubbed green tortoise adventure travel, still based in San Francisco. It is proving to be novel in ways unexpected, but overall a stellar experience most notable for daily international interaction. A definite improvement in breadth over the western united states I spoke with while at Qwest (though comparing the environment between the two jobs is a hilarious thought).

In other personal news, I am now in the runnings for the northwest’s most eligible bachelor. A new apartment should be secured through the next month, likely somewhere between Belltown and Cap Hill. Looked at a place kitty corner from the Crocodile last week which almost sold me, but I’m sitting for at least another week ( :: crosses fingers :: ). If you know where I would be the perfect match, by all means let me know. While not exactly enjoyable (catching a stubborn hangnail on the underside of a passing truck might do it, assuming it drags along those death valley salt flats, heh), my mind has been full of emotions not seen for quite some time. Somewhere back there, I’m sure excitement will eventually win out toward my suddenly transformed future. Fun to see one of those moments when everything (seems to) change all at once ;). I feel like a sand dune — hahaha.. indeed.

… and btw to all you freaks who are giving me trouble for update frequency — call me bitches!

the hereboxorg domain was just…

on Friday, March 12th, 2004 ... ob: pre 2005

The domain was just moved to a new server causing interruption to a few services and a few reports of mail bouncing. Everything should be back to normal within 24 hours, thanks for resending ;).