at precisely midnight moments ago…

at 12:44 ... ob: geek + pre 2005

At precisely midnight moments ago, this sequence of numbers was boradcast over 90.3 kexp in four number blocks seperated by approximately one second pauses:

0096 0056 2251 2110 8105 0096 2251 2110 8105 0096 2251 2110 8105 0096 2251 2110 8105 0096 2251 2110 8105

unsurprisingly, google manages to turn up a few odd results. Though, according to the playlist — it is apparently The Conet Project – Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations, track described as – ‘Nines and Zeroes’. A collection of numbers recordings from places like kansas. was kind enough to provide a pdf of the project booklet for a nice overview. Though, for how web conscious the source record label, Irdial recordings, claims to be on the bbc, their old site appears dead or moved with no apparent replacement. 2008: thisyab updates: Find the pdf booklet and further irdial information on good ‘ol hyperreal. and have the most direct additional information available. I’ll be looking further and finding some copies.

As a pleasant aside, that whole process turned me on to I’ve not been alone in talking for a while now about the exciting possibilities arriving with the combination of highly portable cameras, bandwidth, and gps units allowing individuals to index the nearest and newest images while literally walking around downtown. The key to the power of these ideas is quick, accurate, and dynamic indexing by geographic location. I’ll be back to explore this orbit of the web shortly.

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  1. janwillemvl Says:

    I heard these numbers at the end of the song “even less” by porcupine tree. I’m not sure whether this has anything to do with it, or whether someone will ever read this, but what the heck.
    grtz, JW

  2. mike Says:

    This old post is now getting a few visitors a day from number string seraches, please do add any additional info you may have found!

  3. neff Says:

    also ended up here because of porcupine tree

  4. robert paulson Says:

    i too, have arrived, from the unknown trying to decode this message from the end of a song. perhaps nothing is meant at all but the idea of a mystery sure is sexy

  5. robert paulson Says:

    Go to this link:

    click item 3 from the box on the right. it plays back the sound sample used in the PT song.

    An excerpt from the page:

    For more than 30 years the Shortwave radio spectrum has been used by the worlds intelligence agencies to transmit secret messages. These messages are transmitted by hundreds of “Numbers Stations”.

    Shortwave Numbers Stations are a perfect method of anonymous, one way communication. Spies located anywhere in the world can be communicated to by their masters via small, locally available, and unmodified Shortwave receivers. The encryption system used by Numbers Stations, known as a “one time pad” is unbreakable. Combine this with the fact that it is almost impossible to track down the message recipients once they are inserted into the enemy country, it becomes clear just how powerful the Numbers Station system is.

    The mystery is complete, and even more sexy than I thought 5 minutes ago.

  6. alex Says:

    Thank God i am not the only one who remembered the numbers from PT’s song.

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