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hereboxorg is officially three 3…

on Thursday, December 4th, 2003 ... ob: pre 2005 is officially three (3) ! years old as it’s current life bringing my web-life up right around 1-0 double digits. In contrast to the first two anniversaries, this year feels like 4 or 5. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement all you friendly souls who have managed to remain interested ;). Following the slowest period in its history, don’t expect we’ll be going away anytime soon. Indeed, new years right around the corner, a break in the lease just a few short months following. Who knows what lurks in the hearts of the web… herebox knows… mwuahahahahahahahaha.

Just got back from whistler up in Ca-Na-Da. 10 in. new snow the night after arrival never hurt a good trip. It was painful yet rewarding to visit what I had set out to live through the winter in August ( — an earlier referenced trip which, by the way, brought me face to face with the most insane mountain biking experience I’d ever dreamed… I’ll call you on that one ryan). Snowboarded the whole trip this time, although was far outnumbered by the skiers on the mountain. A 2k2 Volkl Cross 160″ provided a fun carve worthy sled for the week… tempting to pick up for the season, but unlikely at the moment.

It’s December! I need to bust over to amazon and update my wishlist.

Oh and by the way, I’m over the diplomacy kick for now ;). Though I would like to play settlers of catan (Die Siedler von Catan) and remind myself whether it is world class worthy. Comparable in Germany only perhaps to Monopoly or Scrabble? in scale, I had no idea the mini-industry mayfair games recently built up around the game here in the states.