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the house is half empty…

on Tuesday, August 26th, 2003 ... ob: pre 2005

The house is half empty with everyone lost in the desert! I’m planning to head north with a tent and a smile this weekend to see what fortune might bring. The only certain destination I have in mind is Whistler for some time to explore possible winter options in person. Wish me luck — sweet dreams and my thoughts to all those at black rock!

lets see starting way back…

on Wednesday, August 6th, 2003 ... ob: pre 2005

Lets see, starting way back July 22 — the Manchester United vs Celtic match at seahawks stadium went beyond expectations! The 66,000 strong crowd seemed to agree showing up downtown in numbers around late morning to rally their colors toward the game. The blowout 4-0 score did little to bring down the mood. (world cup 2006 baby!)

On the 26th, the final US squarepusher date with luke vibert was also more than expected. Vibert pulled out a few wicked drum and bass loops to round out a strong variety from his imac, and squarepusher brought down the encore on the guitar he used all evening to accentuate his set. Definitely one of the best shows i’ve yet seen at chop suey, a venue i usually give a mediocre C for crowd vibe dynamics.

I broke down and bought a new handy following my former samsung-8500 found the concrete a bit too hard two weeks back. The 8500 was worth every cent, a solid phone. I hope I can say the same for the new a620 aka vga1000. It /does/ have a camera, sigh… we’ll see how long it takes for the home country to work up as much a fuss as the rest of the world has over banning camera phones in various locations. So far the interface is much improved over the 8500, yet brings it’s own new set of pet peeves. The worst thus far is that when a phonebook entry is selected for detail, it is not possible to dial the number. Rather, the user must back out of the entry and then re-find it in the phonebook before dialing… brilliant. While the pictures are still relatively poor quality, it should be fun to be able to post pictures through blogger on the fly.

burningman continues it’s apparent stranglehold on the general social front (can you guess if i’m going? ;). It’s inspiring as ever to see the imagination and work put in to the event on such a massive scale and consumes the minds of many with good reason. I do find it amusing that the website title bar now includes the age old ‘welcome home’ tag as a byline, an interesting comparison (extension?) to the friendly folks found at Considering the distant future of the gathering is impossible, but I expect confidently to return again. Of course, the real north american festival of the moment took place this weekend in sturgis, SD… bikes babes and beer as one might summarize. I saw a few heading out late last week and dreamed that night of a highway packed with two-wheelers. This year is particular is the 100th anniversary of harley davidson. Apparently drawing a fair number of the crowd from sturgis to Milwaukee immediately following the rally. Sort of makes you smile, no?

In closing this evening, I did manage to lose a few or two numbers sealed secretly inside my old phone. Please do give a ring and refresh my memory. The alternate route would be to send digits along by email to mike a.t