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Seattle Go Center & Bucky Ball Origami…

on Wednesday, May 7th, 2003 ... ob: academic + games + geek

Happy to have run across the story behind the giant game of go on the side of a building in the university district along 45th facing I-5 from the East. I’ve known the wall partially contains the seattle go center for some time. Turns out the board position is from a championship game played by Kaoru Iwamoto, the center’s founder, outside Hiroshima on August 6, 1945… as the bomb fell! The game was later completed, and the go centers founded as an effort promoting peace. I’m planning to stop by next Tuesday evening for beginner’s night.

In a similar direction, I’ve successfully completed my first origami buckyball. I finally slowed down enough to follow Andy�s directions and mimic one similar to that currently shown on herecam. As such, I’ve developed a mild obsession with modular origami and the geometric spaces the structures can represent. Further considering long and debated history of the activity, it�s keeping all halves of the brain quite happY)