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the go game will be…

on Sunday, April 27th, 2003 ... ob: pre 2005

The go game will be in seattle this coming July 12th. I’m looking at putting a team together, let me know if you are intersted in jumping on. The scavenger hunt theme is age old, but the added possibilities with wireless should prove interesting. I’ll possibly be able to be a plant and help bounce people around ;).

I also found the pacific northwest paragliding club. Looking forward to a few upcoming events and learning more about the sport.

Should be down at pioneer square this thursday.

finally had a chance to…

on Tuesday, April 15th, 2003 ... ob: pre 2005

finally had a chance to spend some time skating on a longboard around the central district (thanks nathan). Jefferson street has a wonderful smooth and gentle hill approaching 23rd from the west. Anything steeper than that eliminates the possibility of a running dismount — and any interest for the forseeable future. It’s definitely a great feeling to roll along a side streets arcing between the curbs… I can’t believe I missed skiing / boarding so completely this winter!

This month is flying by…

trip to uwajimaya this evening…

on Friday, April 11th, 2003 ... ob: pre 2005

Trip to uwajimaya this evening for groceries was fun indeed. The highlight was this seaweed with pre-punched hello kitty shapes on it. Lunch is going to rock tomorrow.

Haven’t been out watching as many movies as I like, but hopefully the next two weeks will help. Heading down to SAM tomorrow for the karl krogstad premiere at 9:15. Also starting this weekend and continuing through next is spike and mike’s sick and twisted show including a few happy tree friends episodes which should be entertaining in a crowd.