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sunday evening getting set…

on Monday, March 31st, 2003 ... ob: pre 2005

Sunday evening — getting set to head back to Qwest, my new employer, for week two. Last week went quickly. The current program is training toward working on the phones with customers throughout the western united states. The job is quite novel aside from it being a few short blocks from the Rand McNally retail store I was at since before christmas. The view from the upper floors is quite nice on a clear day — for the moment I’m working on the 4th of 30+. ;) — Have yet to try the roof access doors, pictures when I find one.

Before starting at our new jobs corinne and I took a nice week plus drive and looped through boise, nevada, vegas, LA, SF, coast through southern oregon, and back up I-5 returning last sunday eve. Wonderful trip, developing a few pictures tomorrow. Highlights definitely include swimming in the pacific waves on a sunny LA day, staring in awe at 1500 year old living trees, my first time in vegas of age enough to participate, and laughing into the morning on a fire escape above haight street. It was great to see the folks I was able in CA. Hopefully see you again soon.

I love turning the computer off to rain on the rooftop. -night.

the biggest meta news in…

on Friday, March 14th, 2003 ... ob: pre 2005

The biggest (meta-) news in the history of this page, google bought pyra labs, the parent company of blogger. While this initial merge made it difficult for me to update for some time, I can’t wait to see what direction this takes. Blogger and google are likely the two web tools I use most, also both places I’d looked at working. This certainly makes that decision one stop easier.

responding appropriately to a stab in my previous post, irdial recordings noticed the post and emailed me in less than 12 hours that they are indeed still up and running. impressive.

In tetrinet news, justin hacked the gtetrinet client to bring us gtetrifast. He’s running a server over at where you can also find the new client and theme.

nice to see ryan l out there east side up and running at limitloop productions. He currently claims uncertainty about visiting seattle in May. I’ve little doubt he’ll make it happen ;).

I’m off to drive south for a week or so before beginning my new job at Qwest. Perhaps I’ll find the spirit of service somewhere out on the road.