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hereboxorg is currently ranked 9th…

on Friday, January 31st, 2003 ... ob: pre 2005 is currently ranked 9th on google querying whoami. I must admit a certain sense of satisfaction at showing up top ten when one asks the net such ponderous questions.

author of neuromancer and credited…

on Friday, January 31st, 2003 ... ob: pre 2005

Author of neuromancer and credited with giving cyberpunk its big break, William Gibson will be in Seattle next Monday and Tuesday promoting his new book pattern recognition. Hopefully he’ll bring a few spoken words in addition to a book passage and a stack to sign. Not being a regular to such gatherings, I’m excited to see what the crowd is like. (Mon – UW, Kane Hall, room 130, 7pm; Tue – Elliott Bay Book Company, 7.30p; more dates; from charles mudede at the stranger)

He’s even started his own blog… about time ;) .

a return to the center…

on Wednesday, January 29th, 2003 ... ob: pre 2005

A return to the center — I’ve decided to reunite my scattered interests and focus my efforts toward making progress in the field of human computer interaction / interface design. I never really strayed from the course, just spent the past few months a bit less certain I should dive in head first. It’s the only field that’s held my attention since the early age when I was first told the qwerty / dvorak story. Here’s to gargoyles, see you.

In the meantime, please do let me know of any possible opportunites in or relating to the field. More info to follow. Thanks.

my goodness was that ufo…

on Wednesday, January 29th, 2003 ... ob: pre 2005

my goodness was that UFO! show nice. — and the m.c. brought it home.. mighty good. mighty good indeed. new york city best be representin for that fine fine duo.

ufo at the baltic room…

on Tuesday, January 28th, 2003 ... ob: pre 2005

UFO! at the baltic room tonight for $5. see you there.

burningman tickets went on sale yesterday.. I’m passing on the first round, but /really/ hope to make a return trip this year. Walking FM transmitter / umbrella pending. What will keep me away is a decision between black rock city and travelling internationally. Though, even when I try, I don’t really believe I won’t be in Nevada on the 1st of September.

over the months years now…

on Tuesday, January 28th, 2003 ... ob: pre 2005

Over the months (years now), I’ve let this blog become a bit more guarded than I’d like when considering what to post. One of the unwritten rules I allowed until now was that posts must have a link, whether directly related to the subject or not. Inspired long ago by memepool posts linking with ever word (or even letter), it seemed the proper way of going about things in this context and quite beautiful when done well. nonetheless, it’s tended to prevent more than promote recently.. I feel better already.

c arrives in a few short days .. !!

the recently opened noiselab …

on Saturday, January 25th, 2003 ... ob: pre 2005

the recently opened noiselab / playland at 9th and Pike is making my walks around the hill better every day… I scored a relatively poor 6.5 million on medieval madness today for my bid at their tournament. Fortunately sir Lavin wasn’t in the state, I may even get lucky. My current game of choice is robotron 2084, at least until they fix the screen on tempest.

i do believe i can…

on Tuesday, January 21st, 2003 ... ob: pre 2005

I do believe I can hear the days whiz by at the moment. A few notes lower than deadlines — nonetheless an eerily beautiful tone. (I wonder what musical tastes Christian Doppler enjoyed in his day?)

(One of) The best part(s) about my new digs on the top floor here is listening to the rain… I’d forgotten how wonderful it is.

happy new year …

on Monday, January 13th, 2003 ... ob: pre 2005

Happy New Year! — and what a few weeks it’s been. Arriving just in time to leave for new years festivities was a friendly letter from the sheriff confirming the quicker than expected end to my previous living arrangements. After a few days weighing the pros and cons of various couches around town, everything worked out after all and we signed a new lease for the top two floors. I’ve made my way up two floors where I can now walk through my home without the need to duck. As an added bonus, the generally wonderful weather we’ve been having makes it especially easy to see Rainier and the Cascades from where I now sit.

New Years eve itself near Baker Lake was excellent by my account. A grand thanks to Marek, Dan, and company for all the effort put in to making it happen, and a second round to the amazing crew who travelled in from far and wide to make the week such a success. A brisk morning walk through the woods with good friends and several new stories from a full night is as good as it gets. ( those vibrations.. incredible )

The new year will unfortunately not include my trusty (former) vehicle which was declared a total loss by the folks at Insurance Inc. A direct hit to the drivers side door by someone who didn’t bother to see me. Everyone involved was alright, but drive safe out there. That it wasn’t my fault would be little consolation had I come away injured.

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