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Phoenix Festival 2002 & Perfect Endless Theory Fishing…

on Sunday, June 30th, 2002 ... ob: gatherings + geek

I’ll be at phoenix festival for more or less the next week, my excitement is growing by the hour. Hope to see you there.

out of curiosity, to see who from where shows up: perfect theory endless desire eternal logic driving perpetual vision logical infinite dream final best escape objective thought only ambition clue perfection , or perhaps, final best escape objective thought only ambition clue perfection perfect theory endless desire eternal logic driving perpetual vision logical infinite dream .

ive officially graduated from carleton…

on Saturday, June 15th, 2002 ... ob: pre 2005

i’ve officially graduated from Carleton, wonderful ;). off to drive, coeur d’alene (see you next weekend, or so), and eventually seattle. be back here soon.

Matthew Herbert from Serge Gainsbourg…

on Thursday, June 13th, 2002 ... ob: music

matthew herbert; having only listened to his recent ‘second-hand sounds’ on peacefrog and ‘around the house’ on k7 re-released from 1998, i’m impressed and looking for more. seems that he’s been up to quite a bit for quite a while working with global communication from way back near aphex twin’s start and set to record a big band album next month.. the variety is definitely there. much of what i’ve heard is somewhat quirky and minimal electronica, ‘around the house’ includes samples of washing dishes and other odd household sounds while ‘second-hand sounds’ covers a wider variety of cleverly minimal house-ish beats.

a side project: the mechanics of destruction under the name ‘radioboy’, yet another consumerism-questioning endeavour, includes tracks titled ‘coca-cola’ (Sole sound source: one can of Coke, one can of Pepsi) and Mcdonalds (Sole sound source: a Big Mac meal). the music can be had for free on the site and predictably links such orgs as adbusters, amnesty, disinfo, indymedia ..

perhaps also interesting is what in part turned me to herbert, serge gainsbourg (site in french) and the apparently endless web of mystery (and remixes) surrounding this frenchman (1928-1991). bonnie and clyde from 1968 is redone on ‘second hand sounds’ to nice effect, although i can’t stop feeling as if i’ve heard a better version somewhere else..

time to clean up…

on Tuesday, June 11th, 2002 ... ob: pre 2005

time to clean up…

one last phoenix festival encouragement…

on Saturday, June 8th, 2002 ... ob: pre 2005

One last phoenix festival encouragement, see you there.

I’ve been back on a streaming audio kick, mainly between groovetech, betalounge, and kexp. (krlx is, unfortunately, down for the summer)

Current favorite: Acupuncture: Therapy with Needles from DJ Still and Quartz last month on groovetech, check this set out! Non-stop layering and sampling like I rarely hear rounded out with hard but pleasant drum and bass beats holding it together. Elsewhere, betalounge is still going strong and I’m getting ready to give the archives another run starting with DJ Krush (12-04-01) and Mr Scruff from ninja tune ( 11-16-01).

So close, so close.. just a bit more to finish up on this last paper. Sometime tomorrow hopefully, we’ll see.