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beautiful storm were having tonight…

on Thursday, January 31st, 2002 ... ob: pre 2005

beautiful storm we’re having tonight..

well id forgotten what a…

on Wednesday, January 30th, 2002 ... ob: pre 2005

well, i’d forgotten what a mad mad place carleton is, meant with a smile of course. The state of the union provided more fun than football with terror (-ism, –ist) leading the word count by a long shot.. although security was definitely most consistent, and would have shortly overtaken.

playlists will be up shortly for the first two shows of the year.. listen in saturday nights 8-10p cst, 88.1 northfield, mn, unfortunately there is no stream at the moment.. but if you call in, you too can excite the airwaves for miles around.. 507-646-4127.

Track of the moment is definitely ‘Humanity‘ by A Guy Called Gerald. thanks to james for finding the record and keeping the tables alive ;)..

phil keeps alluding to web building.. i wonder.

and from jish himself, owner of the one ring which rules them all.. what’s up neighbors ;).

» to the left of me: Leggo My Ego.
» to the right of me: Clach.

what your body longs to…

on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2002 ... ob: pre 2005

what your body longs to hear… audiogenetics.

still searching for a good…

on Sunday, January 20th, 2002 ... ob: pre 2005

still searching for a good announcement list / info source for events in the midwest, but the seattle list comes through from afar.. probably won’t be free during this time since it’s right around graduation, but art cars in iowa looks like it could be quite a nice time.

krlx is up …

on Monday, January 14th, 2002 ... ob: pre 2005

krlx is up! herebox is back.. looks like saturday nights, 8-10pm CST. studio phone at 507-646-4127 .

lovage, donald glaude, frankie bones, and the affect crew were all wonderful this weekend. I hear spree, brisk, and the rest of animania event also had a good night. minneapolis is smiling ;).

alright finally a minute …

on Sunday, January 6th, 2002 ... ob: pre 2005

alright, finally a minute.. This page has been horribly boring for quite some time now. I have had plenty of stories, links, and applicable things that I could (should?) be throwing up on there, but it just hasn’t been happening. I do want to say thank you everyone who has sent email or otherwise over the months (years?).. I really do appreciate them, maybe i’ll even write back every once in a while ;). I should actually be much better are responding to email through the winter and spring as I’ll actually have a desk to work at,.. exciting isn’t it? ;).

I’m settling in back in Minnestoa following new years. The reality that I’m actually staying here for six months or so is trickling through my awareness, slowly but surely. This afternoon I spent roaming the net in search of local cultural / announcement resources, which can be difficult beyond the basics. I’m glad ricochet kitchen has a page, and i’ll be watching for future projects. sursumcorda also looks worth checking out on a visit to the cities. I found nonlocality in a message sig lost in an mn fray day mailing list. It says it’ll be back on the 13th, i’ll watch it and see what their up to.

I was psyched to make it up to plush last night at the quest. I’ve high hopes for the future of the series in the cities with many good looking nights already on the horizon. mnvibe still rules the local raverweb scene without much apparent rivalry, but they do a good job considering what a thankless job keeping events updated and moderating such message boards can be. Most of the regulars look like they are still around.. amazing in a way.

First full week of school starts tomorrow with what I expect to be a great schedule: Psychology of Gender, Complex Web Design, Sociology of Religion, and various other grad requirements remaining to be completed. Perhaps most exciting about the coming two terms is the return of herebox on krlx.

I can happily say there is no shortage of stimulation for the moment. Be seeing all the msp folks quite a bit, everyone else.. keep on creating, wherever you are ;).

and my port is…

on Thursday, January 3rd, 2002 ... ob: pre 2005

… and my port is finally turned on. back in business. ;)

new years was amazing, hopefully pictures to come. thanks everyone who made it possible.

2nd day of classes tomorrow, and then the weekend to get things nice and solid before heading full force into the term next week. i’ll be in touch ;)..

hi back at carl…

on Thursday, January 3rd, 2002 ... ob: pre 2005

Hi back at carl.