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been playing with majestic …

on Sunday, July 29th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

been playing with majestic.. free pilot episode just to get you hooked ;). i’m interested in watching the new genre develop more than anything else. right out of brave new world where we are reading the script as a character in the soap opera. the phone actually rings at 3am, and yes, they are threatening you ;). if anyone’s played who actually has a fax, i’d love to see a copy of some of those.

there’s been a few under the radar, but how long before it’s successfully combined with a reality/adventure competition mass marketed to watch. strikes me as similar to the home video fad. the new tech arrives, people play with it themselves for a while, then watch how everyone else is playing with it (america’s funniest home videos), and finally just sit back and watch pretty people play with it (real world, survivor). want to make a million? take the next step ;).

similar to the old college assassin days as well. it’d be fun to run afternoon games in a park someplace. one step up from the dinner party games, with more to it than just shooting each other.

found the next level in…

on Friday, July 27th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

found the next level in ‘net tetris.. quadra has destroyed any visions i had of being a top notch player ;). unfortunately, there are nearly no mediocre quadra players on the servers…

i never did use any of the napster-ish proggies around the last few years, primarily due to dial-up connections. there was also the ever present problem of overwhelming amounts of bad music lagging all the good stuff. soulseek seems to have solved the problem for now, and my complaints last week about needing to find some new music are now replaced by lack of drive space ;). introduced to wagon christ and fila brazillia, and picked up some new some new autechre, thievery corporation, nightmares on wax, squarepusher, and amon tobin. and to rationalize, i still put plenty of money into these labels, the idea of listening to these genres solely through purchasing seems completely absurd these days. so much of it is hit or miss… and there’s so much of it.. ;). oh what a simple world it would be if I could just wait for the next release of my favorite group.

had a wonderful reunion with the pacific last weekend at ‘low tide‘. other people seem to agree in thinking it was an incredible night. I copied a few pictures from out there.. (thanks FnkyChnkyMnky), hopefully the ones I took will turn out as well. looking forward to yet more northwest outdoor events, I’ve been *very* impressed so far ;).

this weekend: dj mea (midwest! w00), microsoft picnic, dancesafe training, and lots of reading.

finally searched out some skat…

on Wednesday, July 18th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

finally searched out some skat resources, even in english. If you haven’t heard of the card game, it’s a great german game that works best with 3 players, making it a perfect companion to the many 4 player card games normally found here in the states. I’m just relearning it, but eventually might try and find some people in the seattle area who’d be interested in practicing over a few fun games ;)..

saw will damon for the first time in years last night. good to talk with people who i’ve got a lot in common with, and yet are in very different life situations. he’s doing great. I wish the best for his upcoming wedding. it’s fun to see some of the people who i really can’t imagine anywhere else slowly drift and migrate back to the northwest. he was up at a tech conf in seattle, and I had just returned from playtesting at microsoft. (i also learned about the MS usability work, also in the area.. might look further into that) slightly different to see the occupational geeks in action, as opposed to the academic or otherwise geeks i’ve become used to over the past few years. excited to see it a bit more from the inside. could make any number of broad generalizations or specific psychological statements about the playtest crowd, lots of fun doing just that in the waiting room ;). i really can’t say much about the xbox, even if i weren’t sworn to 5-year secrecy. as is always the case these days, i was most impressed by the sheer technical capabilities of the consoles. I probably won’t buy a console system any time soon, but damn are they fun. i want to know how well some of the new multiplayer features work, that being the only way i end up playing anything beyond the initial curiosity enjoyment.

groovetech continues to hit the spot, i’m taking full advantage of the bandwidth I probably won’t have for long.

punctuated laughter? with a bit of development, should prove revolutionary in millions of im users worldwide. and finally, where to go with a tetrisgo hybrid? quite a few possibilities, i’m sure there are a few variations that would result interesting games. next time I have some empty time with any of those geeks who’d be into it, lets build one by each suggesting a feature or two, and then play it out a bit on the spot. even if the game turns out to be eventually dead, it’s always fun to watch the collective strategy evolve between naive players. not surprisingly i had a passing urge to play nomic while thinking about this one..

wow these shirts are for…

on Friday, July 13th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

wow, these shirts are for real aren’t they? even better than the jesus fish eating the darwin fish that one..

met with ticketmaster madness again. the ~5,500 tickets for two tool shows in seattle sold out instantly, for all practical purposes. going to wait in line at a tm outlet is completely out of the question these days, unless you get lucky and draw #1. By the time the third person in line has their tickets, the events are sold out. what is the next step i wonder? Further jack the price? (already ~$50 for tool, $180 for u2, etc..). limiting the sale to one physical location would solve every problem except the 6,000+ people milling around every weekend at 10am. the only big problem i see with the current system is that dedicated fans get routinely screwed out of tickets, even if they spend 36 hours preparing to be first. unreal.. so far i’ve been lucky. just got to be quick ;).

well phoenix fest was…

on Tuesday, July 10th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

well.. phoenix fest was wonderful. thank you everyone who helped make it what it was. hands down my favorite flavor of events. wonderful venue (wow!, thanks). plenty of space, and yet still a great vibe. the weather cooperated, shade and all. i was worried when i arrived that it would be too short, and while it would have been entirely possible to run longer, each day lasted at least 4.. and they were all good ;). i’ll hopefully write more later, in the meantime look at all of these nice pictures!

kept on with the movies…

on Friday, July 6th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

kept on with the movies… got to see AI a few days back. i liked it. The image of 2000 years ahead was especially well done, regardless of how accurate i thought it was. it is tough to do an effective future scene with novel images and ideas, i thought they pulled it off.

4th in seattle was nice, hadn’t seen a firework show on that scale in years.

and now.. off to phoenix fest, hope to see you there..