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memepool linked a nice page…

on Thursday, May 31st, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

memepool linked a nice page full of logic puzzles today. i haven’t messed with many of them yet, but sokoban was fun.. and these similar logic mazes are always entertaining.. (plus they’ve got a great sound effects ;) ).

congrats to everyone back at carl, hope evething is finishing out fine.. good luck with finals.

i was further convinced today…

on Thursday, May 31st, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

i was further convinced today that the inclusion of the post quantity “feature” of most major bulletin board systems these days is causing exactly the opposite effect that it was probably intended to. It shows how many posts a given user has made in the past, and usually ranks them according to some defined quantity (newbie, regular, old hat, god, etc..) The problem is that this is causing all of the morons who care enough about this meaningless ranking to post hundreds of off topic one-liners throughout boards trying only to have posted more than anyone else. The result is many, many, effectively broken boards suffering from the flood of what amounts to spam. (A good example is the hostyard board, just try pulling information from some of those threads.)

I’ve seen suggestions to divide by the word count or even rating systems where the peers can vote.. unfortunately, this just leads to an even more directed and ultimately harmful attempt to bolster ratings. A ‘member since’ field is probably the only thing that offers some level of insight into a given individual’s wisdom within a given site, but even that is unreliable. The feature needs to be eliminated.. please.

always a good read, camworld had a few fun links yesterday including a link on how to stalk your user and another sweet page listing quite a few articles and opinions on the weblog phenomenon.

that previous post got me…

on Tuesday, May 29th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

that previous post got me curious.. and i looked briefly for some pictures of coeur d’alene. has a few and the nic page has a nice air shot.. of course, there is always the controversial side of things as well..

it is so quiet here…

on Tuesday, May 29th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

it is so quiet here, so nice to step outside and hear nothing but the wind…

yet another awards show at…

on Tuesday, May 29th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

yet another awards show?.. at least dancestar is worth browsing if only to see how much you recognize (i didn’t know more than a few, at least by name). once again showing our position in the world dance scene… i wouldn’t say north america is ‘behind’.. but it is exciting to be involved in such a worldwide culture. (sounds like the web.. hahahaha..)

meanwhile, the general populace still says they don’ t like it.. but the advertisers know better ;)..

im looking to play some…

on Monday, May 21st, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

i’m looking to play some frisbee in seattle this summer. i’m not sure about just jumping into a hat league, but I think it’ll work out.. looks like fun. any advice anyone?

maybe someday i can be as cool as these folks ;)

topher sent info on the…

on Monday, May 21st, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

topher sent info on the first creamfields in the usa. they’ll be playing vegas on sep. 29th.. 2pm-6am.. it’ll be one mad party in vegas.

meanwhile, i’m still trying to get to burning man (finally) this year ;)..

but most importantly, solipse is coming up quick! let all your friends in africa know ;)… or at least watch for the possible third installment, as of yet unannounced, in the coming years.

back in idaho greyhound…

on Saturday, May 19th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

back in idaho. greyhound bus #1277. 1d, 9h, 10m. it was a great trip ;). hey hey to all the folks i met along the way.. let me know if you are in the area.

and to all the folks at carleton.. i hope rotblatt was great. thanks for an amazing 3 weeks back there.. i’ll be seeing you all again, hopefully sooner than later ;).

thank you douglas admas for…

on Sunday, May 13th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

thank you, douglas admas, for such a wonderful influence on life, the universe, and everything…

spring concert is fun…

on Sunday, May 6th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

spring concert is fun.

u2 was amazing ended up…

on Friday, May 4th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

u2 was amazing.. ended up with an incredible location and a tribute to the ramones right in front of us. it was, in some ways, the first ‘normal’ concert i’ve ever been too. no dancing (relatively), moshing, festivities, etc.. just gather and cheer ;). i’ll defintitely be back for another..

i sold an extra ticket on a streetcorner near the target center.. what a phenomenon! I’d like to find some show i’m not at all interested in attending and just stand on a busy street corner and watch the market unfold with each new wave of street crossers. ran and felt exactly like either the NYSE or a local market in india. furthermore, a large majority of those who’ve grown up in the states are fairly bad at it ;)… we just haven’t had the practice.

heard about the rosetta project early this week on the radio. they are working toward archiving over 1000 languages using micro-etching to store the data as analog information unsusceptable to digital data’s reliance on power and some form of encoding.

I’m more and more interested in ‘information’ studies (dmoz and the rosettaproject being good examples..) While computer speeds and storage capacity will likely continue to double many times beyond the current technology, the need for this increased power is of questionable utility to its basic applications. already, or very shortly, we can store almost arbitrarily large amounts of text and data (~everything).. and this comes hand in hand with our newfound ability to transmit everything, anywhere. At this point, the focus on information organization/complexity/presentation/ .?. autonomy/self-organizing principles/evolution/etc.. ;). Many of these studies have been underway for some time, but I think they will certainly continue on the rise in the near future.

Yesterday evening I attended a lecture by Joseph E Stiglitz from Stanford, also Former Chief Economist at the World Bank. He forcused primarily on how IMF projects had failed in their attempted goals and provided a number of examples demonstrating problematic strageties. his suggestions for change within the IMF were certainly correct (increased transparency, actual democratized representation), but he didn’t fully address the issued he raised.

speaking of lectures, liz’s comps talk rocked.. ;).

I’m jealous and impressed at the list of folks you are hanging with in id topher.. it’s a great moment, i think, when the term ‘scientist’ or philo/psych/econ/etc.. ceases referring to geeks somewhere out there and begins refer to the people you are working and living with everyday.

spring conert is upon us… reel big fish. i can’t wait!