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well i decided to try…

on Wednesday, April 25th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

well.. i decided to try jabber again today, after i noticed WEBB went up 0.5 ; 25% in one day.. it is working much better than the last time i tried. think i’ll keep using it. so, i’ll be on icq again.. hurrah! 2544927 if you can’t pull it from the icon on the left. i know i know, terrible usability.. call it user filtering instead maybe ;)..

ate at ‘the yellow house’ in cd’a. good food, good pies, nice place..

and having a good time arguing the eternals on the mnvibe forums. thought of nomic in the process.. i’d want to play that again sometime soon. anyone up for it?

i’ll be in MN tomorrah. see yas there.

i still have at least one u2 ticket for may 1st to sell, please let me know if you are interested! ;).. i’ll make a deal!

this extreme stick death business…

on Wednesday, April 25th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

this extreme stick death business is great.. wait for the load, it’s worth it.

if you havent heard yet…

on Tuesday, April 24th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

if you haven’t heard yet, go now.. and check out the venues and info for moby’s fest this summer, area. this is going to be huge, and make mega-$.. nice move moby. i’ll be there.. probably at the gorge. see you as well..

went down to feed the…

on Tuesday, April 24th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

went down to feed the ducks today.. it’s definitely spring ;).

herecam is fun.. i’ve been enjoying it much too much I think, but i’m sure it’ll pass quickly. if you’ve got a camera sitting by your computer that you never use, go grab chillcam and let me know if you want to host the image here, it is really easy.

i’ll be back in mn thursday, see you folks there.

oh no not a…

on Tuesday, April 24th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

oh no. not a webcam.. yep. herecam. highly sporadic. ;)


oh yeah i should…

on Friday, April 20th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

oh yeah… i should mention that i’m on aim more often than icq these days. the main reason is that with all this moving around i’m doing right now, aim keeps the contacts remotely, while icq requires me to either move the db files or re-add them every time. furthermore, aim has a web clinet which actually functions alright. I’d like to be using jabber, but it just isn’t stable enough yet for me to be using it with any widespread success or satisfaction… maybe when i end up someplace for more than a few weeks.

in short. you should get on aim, or use the web clinet if you don’t like installing things (or can’t where you are), and i’ll see you there.

screenname: herebox

not many posts these days…

on Friday, April 20th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

not many posts these days.. well, that’ll all change soon ;) looks like i’m taking off mid next week to head back to carleton for a while. after I return and spend a bit more time around cd’a, it looks like i’ll be heading to seattle for the summer. it’s nice to have an idea of what is on its way. being excited about limitless possibilities is fun, but excitment about concrete plans is nice for a change ;).

in the meantime, i’ve got a u2 ticket to sell for the minneapolis target center concert on May 2nd. it is lower ring, not a great seat, but a seat.. let me know if you are interested. i’m selling at cost, and i’ll hand deliver it in exchange for the money so no one is getting screwed.

and finally, i’ve been playing at dmoz. the open directory project. you can see what cats i’m working on under my profile, but currently i’m working in autechre and society/subcultures/rave. it’s quite fun, and incredibly useful.. many of the big search engines use the data for their category information including google and aol. if you are at all interested in helping out.. you should think about editing a small category like a specific band/group to try it out. let me know if you do. ;)

till next time, here.

you can play childrens games…

on Sunday, April 15th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

you can play childrens games with curious george. or… embark on a cross country crime spree with furious george. what kind of person are you? (results will be recorded for future ‘use’.)

watch for aurora…

on Tuesday, April 10th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

watch for aurora.

happy birthday 22 …

on Monday, April 2nd, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

happy birthday. 22. if you’re looking for a gift, i’d like some bass please.