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midday continues to impress me…

on Saturday, February 24th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

midday continues to impress me.. i can’t believe I didn’t find this quality programming sooner on mpr. i listened to an interesting talk from Thomas L. Friedman on his book from last year, the lexus and the olive tree. The book has become a well know and widespread discussion of ‘globalizaion’, which Friedman declares to be the successor to the cold war division. He used the web as a central discussion point, rather than an auxilary or consequence, on the shifts in society/culture. I was refreshed to see what I find to be a correct analysis of the web’s fundamental role in providing a model for the new ‘connectedness’, a location for dialog, and demonstration of the restructuring of power. Some of his arguments I don’t support as fully.. I never thought I’d be the one to say this, but I think he may be a bit ‘lost in cyberspace’ in some of his conclusions. It is a fundamental change, it will have a greater effect than we are in any way prepared for, but good old physical reality and our terribly inflexible human nature are probably not going to be changing all that much. In this presentation, he dismissed defense programs to protect us from long range missile attacks.. I agree that should definitely not be our only, or even primary, focus… but i’m not at all ready to declare the net as the solution to aggressive moments in humanity. I know the net will live on… and for me at least, it’s fairly important that I do also.

I worked at dominos for too many hours in the last two days… While I’m still in awe of the sheer power of the distribution network and information database that dominos controls worldwide, I want nothing to do with it for a while.. enough.

well eminem hugged elton after…

on Wednesday, February 21st, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

well eminem hugged elton after their duo, standing ovation… i’d say he pretty effectively made a farse of the protests. nice work. I don’t have much opinion on the grammy’s so i won’t go criticizing, but it is nice to see bela fleck, macy gray, and one final ratm track making the list.

while explaining rules on using…

on Friday, February 16th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

while explaining rules on using subjects in psychology experiments today, one of my professors mentioned that it is not a good idea to use subjects who are in any way ‘not sober’. this was followed by.. “for example, do not run people [pause..] at a rave” (!). It seemed more to get a laugh than a bold anti-rave statement, but it reminded me nonetheless to see how widespread and casually used the rave-drug association has become. we’re definitely fighting an uphill battle.

if you outlaw raves (followed necessarily by all other forms of overly curious youth gatherings), no one wins.

  • youth loses semi-public gathering ability which offers recreation, peer support, social growth, just plain fun. -> youth unhappy.
  • concerned adults and other individuals lose all ability to monitor activities as events continue underground. -> safety plumets, distrust and secrecy soar, family relationships suffer.
  • drug usage continues unscathed. the users will find a way to use regardless of the situation, a fact which has been repeatedly seen, and ignored, throughout history. users enjoy going out equally as much as ‘sober individuals’. thus, they can be found at most raves, high school football games, pop concerts, and any other place sober people tend also to enjoy. Take away these social activities? (one by one with increasingly frustrating futility).. the users will likely use even more out of boredom and lack of social enjoyment, everyone else is left unhappy but expected to deal since we’re taking important steps in winning the war on drugs.. (even though they aren’t). -> potentially increased drug usage, unhappy population.

raves offer all that parents hope their children will find in life: happiness, dancing, friends, memories.. they unfortunately also come packaged a little too neatly with the rest of life as well. raves don’t cause drug usage, raves cause dancing. the sober, high, young, and old.. we all dance together. why don’t you join us.

and thus, without further delay, here’s some info on what people are doing about a few of the drugs currently costing us all so much time, money, and happiness for no good reason.

the ‘state of ecstacy‘ conference I mentioned a few weeks ago has come and past. The webcast did was a success, and I would highly recommend checking out the archive if you are at all interested. salon has a review as well, which is a quick and easy read that gave a better idea of what it was like to be there. I unfortunately have only listened to a few sections towards the end of the webcast, but I was quite impressed and plan on checking out more as soon as I get a chance.

Dr. Shulgin’s speech is one section in particular i’d like to find in the webcast.. but in the meantime, alchemind has a new ask dr. shulgin area. He and his wife are the authors of both pihkal and tihkal and certainly know what they are talking about, but i’m dissapointed in current q&a which appears hastily completed and lacking the depth and detail I know Shulgin can produce.. i’m hoping it gets better with time..

: keep.dancing :

another weekend is here…

on Friday, February 16th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

… another weekend is here, that is, if we make it through friday ;).

for all that i complain about mpr not having the same quality of programming as kpbx from spokane did, I’m really enjoying listening the noon-1 and 9-10p programming. the hour, often repeated in the evening, is usually filled with an excellent presentation/speech of some sort on any number of topics. I can’t be any more specific other than they are usually extremely interesting and difficult to break away from to get to class at 12:30 ;).

I work at dominos now delivering pizzas in addition to my campus job.. it’s interesting, the idea of the mafia running the world through pizza delivery chains from snowcrash is scarily much clearer. the worldwide part appears to be taken care of: jp, de, uk, dk, … (!)

i split up the portal a bit since it’s just much more fun that way. I’m going to change the layout a into lists as comma seperated paragraphs rather than the current pretty columns.. enjoy them while you can. thanks for visiting, now go someplace else.. ;)..

oh yeah, and the board doesn’t work. i had to move the page to a different server and some path somewhere needs to be changed… i’m in no rush to fix it. i’m sure it’ll work again at some point.

i had no idea gnutella…

on Wednesday, February 14th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

i had no idea gnutella can’t scale and uses unreal amounts of bandwidth for extremely simple queries. :: sigh ::

its been a while in…

on Wednesday, February 14th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

it’s been a while.. in net-time anyway. not to worry, more more more is reliably on the way ;).. on this valentines day, I thought this small comparison between love and a marauding bear was rather appropriate. are you paranoid?

now that google has found…

on Wednesday, February 7th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

now that google has found me i can finally start watching for odd search requests.. thus far, i’m number one when looking for info on noseology. look out, i’ll be rolling in hits now! ;)..

memepools first three entries are…

on Wednesday, February 7th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

memepool‘s first three entries are particularly good today.. the quality seemed to have dropped off slightly.. but these look like good ‘ol memepool.

i really enjoy reading scripting…

on Wednesday, February 7th, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

i really enjoy reading scripting news.. with age, and a few iterations of moore’s law ;), I think I have a better grasp on how temporary and ultimately unimportant technology is in ‘real life’.. i’m really enjoying getting excited about what is happening again with a bit more perspective.

the bbc comes through yet again letting the world know we can now ‘move worlds..’… initial analysis shows that the general problem of long-term planetary engineering is almost alarmingly feasible.

i’ll always think very highly of blogger.. but the time is quickly approaching that i’ll be needing to make a switch. there is just too much ‘cool stuff’ ™ which will work much easier with other systems. all that userland madness might pull me back to where I set up my first somewhat automated bloggreymatter has always looked interesting as well. ev is still going at blogger (thanks..).. we’ll see.

meanwhile.. midterms.

the libertarian national socialist green…

on Friday, February 2nd, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party.

ahhh the webwe can not…

on Friday, February 2nd, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

ahhh.. the web:

We can not know at this point what will occur, but I feel that it is wholly unlikely that nothing will occur, for I have had enough encounters on the Web to convince me that something is waiting for us out here. Something is drawing us together, if only our need for each other, our need to understand what is happening to us, our need to undo the mystery of life.

When you are ready, bring your experiences to the Web. Put pointers to yourself wherever appropriate so that you may make your experiences known to us. Make yourself available for contact, and then wait. Do not wait anxiously or obsessively, simply put it out of your mind and wait.

“Something wonderful is going to happen.”

i think ill find 300…

on Friday, February 2nd, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

i think i’ll find $300 and go to europe for a bit. yeah.. that sounds nice.

dont forget to keep an…

on Thursday, February 1st, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

don’t forget to keep an eye on the conference: ‘the state of ecstacy‘, being webcast today including many of *the* names in the field.

google finally respects my existance…

on Thursday, February 1st, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

google finally respects my existance.. but blogger has unfortunately seen better days.. good luck to all involved in the future of blogger and similarly pureish(?) internetting passtimes, thanks for all the hard work.

if youre a fan of…

on Thursday, February 1st, 2001 ... ob: pre 2005

If you’re a fan of happy hardcore at all… (justin where you at?).. Spree just threw up both sides of a new classics ’94/’95 tape. [ AB ] These racing pianos and quick beats are some of what hooked me back then.. As always you can find him and the rest of the mn geeks on