February 2nd, 2012

day1 + create

at 18:05 ... ob: art + photo + thingaday

day1 + create
This is Jeff producing his first screen printed t-shirt.

Thanks to my brother for inspiring me to give this thing a day thing another shot.

August 17th, 2009

artsy and downtownish

at 10:58 ... ob: art

Last Tue/Wed, Pioneer square presented a surprising and odd avant-ish performance in occidental park by D.K. Pan, NKO and Holly Brown. Inspired by murakami (new to me). Apparently a full series of location specific performance pieces sponsored by artsparks more details at murakami in the park. Gracias mucho ~~ lovely performance!

belltown seattle hostel
The Belltown galleries were hopping last Friday at which the highlight was the new hostel with each room painted by a different artist. With a new and bigger HI hostel opened last month direct next to the King St. train station, Rex and crew at ye ‘ol greeney may finally have some real competition in town.

Also in Belltown, corin’s fantasmal was showing plenty of color in an apartment entryway, just as a relaxed art walk should be. And, the halogen gallery had some nice pop/japan/street style canvas with connections to the bherd space in greenwood. Grats all around —

July 31st, 2009

back and central ftw

at 23:59 ... ob: travel

November 2000 through April 2009 did not miss a month on here’s blog. Big changes and 3 months whizzed by, what’s the hurry!? No more; I’m back; and How.

Mikes moved to Seattle (not Portland) and is now single (oy!).

Driving thanks go out to the Aspen, yellow lanes, and the mountains along the way.


Missing months May~July will now be filled with texts from those days, cause I’m too cool to have holes in these archives. Say hi, come visit, 206!

Cranky seattle slept poor but odd in-it-together ~ hoping for all-days all-time high @ 101 (so low)
8:07 AM Jul 29th from txt

Best falafel in years… Lucky guess ~~ mawadda cafe south rainier at s graham ~~ love this area
7:34 PM Jul 28th from txt

Bkfst at beths seattle ~~ even trashier than i remember ;p ~~ fuel for packing produce today ~~ more food
6:55 AM Jul 28th from txt

I heart seattle but.and miss the sticks ~~ join tonight around 11th and pine after block party ~!
1:19 PM Jul 25th from txt

Smiling wide with new unicycle to ride!! ~~ seattle needs to wear more color
10:15 PM Jul 21st from txt

Join 18th and alberta , star trek on the wall ~~ happy monday
11:19 PM Jul 20th from txt

Join now at psu market ;) ~~ eat food!
12:29 PM Jul 18th from txt

Pdx ‘chance of rain’ with #go board and flyer for photosynthesis fest w tobin and novatron aug 7 …
6:29 PM Jul 17th from txt

Riding the king county buses and kexp actualy alright ~~ people people people!!! ~~ fremont tonight xD
5:00 PM Jul 15th from txt

Eating vegan buttery spread with can of wine… Ahh northwest ;p
12:27 AM Jul 14th from txt

First view of rainier from se ~~ seven days drive #santafe #seattle ~~ up up westside ;p
2:32 PM Jul 10th from txt

Ne utah ~ Idaho plates density increasing ~ annoyed that i get reception out here…. Luddite
11:58 AM Jul 7th from txt

Crossed nm/co state line with a one way ticket ~~ odom: 199899!! ~~ happy pyro day ~~ usa!
6:41 PM Jul 4th from txt

Packed: Skim+long+skate+ski+snow.Boards ~ still seek camping friends this wknd ~ flagstaff? or UT/CO north/nwest
8:43 AM Jul 2nd from txt

April 2nd, 2009


at 22:51 ... ob: skip and smile

I turned 30, yes mee too. Love to all who touched and ~om~ // keep up the txt text!

30-venus-moonPlanetary #eclipse in #santafe ! Aiieeee!!! Happy earth day!
6:17 AM Apr 22nd from txt

Moon at dawn with star is mindblowing!!! Get up get up! ;)
5:57 AM Apr 22nd from txt

Watching impressive skaters play near watertower at railyard #santafe
7:33 PM Apr 21st from txt

Last shift of weekend ~ 3x dinner, 2x breakfast, 2x lunch ~ pack ’em in ;) ~ join tonight at andiamo #santafe
5:40 PM Apr 19th from txt

Marcy street card shop sez those rolls of perf’d stickers are discontinued ~ tragedy ~ stick a sticker today!!
3:05 PM Apr 18th from txt

Caught a few waves at moonlight beach , encinitas , san diego ~~ up up #pacificocean ~~ west coast ;)
3:00 PM Apr 12th from txt

North on i~5 at mission bay ~~ can someone lookup west coast high tide for me?? ~~ #sandiego
11:30 AM Apr 12th from txt

Commercial baking class ~~ cinnamon rolls today ~~ @cbmoocow not skiing again till may #abasin ;p
7:41 AM Apr 8th from txt

Yet still not comfy with awaking before sun ~~ but these rises will never get old ;)
7:36 AM Apr 8th from txt

Installing server 2008 while dreaming of snowy slopes and baked goods ~~ this life amuses ~~
11:40 AM Apr 7th from txt

A new decade of age makes, “how old are you”, newly entertaining ;p //
11:23 PM Apr 3rd from txt

Twenty-nine was a good year ;) ~~ love to all who helped ! ~~
9:38 PM Apr 1st from txt

March 31st, 2009

Silverton Shots

at 12:13 ... ob: snow + travel

Silverton first shot

Two more for the eyes from February for a back-post to March.

Silverton Mountain Steps from mike waggoner on Vimeo.

February 15th, 2009

white rooom

at 11:13 ... ob: skip and smile + travel

Snow has success, 2009. Matt’s images from wallowa huts and the ghosts of nevada have me looking in years future. This year’s February, southern colorado served up a tasty helping of pow and high elevation north american views.


January 31st, 2009

Twisted in Jan 09 ~~ Govt issue

at 23:59 ... ob: geek

Backposted for your pleasure, playlist forthcoming. Second hour is entirely government issued vinyl. Enjoy.

( : wm recordings, etc : )
Download: Jan 02 2009 – twisted groove – part 1 of 2

( : government issue : )
Download: Jan 02 2009 – twisted groove – part 2 of 2

December 26th, 2008

Serge and Chenard

at 13:40 ... ob: audio + music

Happy Holidays and SNOW season everyone! ;)

See last post for more details on this set. Thanks for listening…

( 67:56 : chenard walcker : )
Download: Dec 14 2008 – twisted groove – part 1 of 2

( 55:26 : various : )
Download: Dec 14 2008 – twisted groove – part 2 of 2


gospel (prior show)
Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire de Melody Nelson – 7 – Cargo Culte (~12a)
fsz043 – Nelson – La Queue Et Le Con – 1 – Le Faussaire
fsz043 – Nelson – La Queue Et Le Con – 2 – Pauvre Con
wm002 – Chenard Walcker – Rain – 5 – water
fsz043 – Nelson – La Queue Et Le Con – 3 – condiments (skipped out ~22m)
wm050 – Zloty Dawai – Dada Work Chant – 1 – Adsurb Peotry
csr023 – Chenard Walcker – the Lotus Opus – 1 – Quarles D’une Voix Mielleuse
fsz023 – The Walcker Crew – Rip Hop – 1 – blind (~12:30a)
fsz023 – The Walcker Crew – Rip Hop – 2 – hip ape
fsz023 – The Walcker Crew – Rip Hop – 4 – someday
csr023 – Chenard Walcker – the Lotus Opus – 3 – Cathedral
wm002 – Chenard Walcker – Rain – 2 – Old man river
csr023 – Chenard Walcker – the Lotus Opus – 2 – Cream Cheese
csr046 – Chenard Walcker – Middle – 3 – acapulco valentine (~12:45a)
csr046 – Chenard Walcker – Middle – 5 – where the wild things are
csr051 – Chenard Walcker & Roy ‘Chicky’ Arad – 2 – Childhood
csr023 – Chenard Walcker – the Lotus Opus – 5 – miss novara jones
csr051 – Chenard Walcker & Roy ‘Chicky’ Arad – Monster – 8 – maybe (cut short)
csr023 – Chenard Walcker – the Lotus Opus – 7 – Wizzz Pop
—- 1a —- file split —-
fsz047 – Chenard Walcker – Moo – 4 – two birds (callback)
Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire de Melody Nelson – 2 – Ballade de Melody Nelson
Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire de Melody Nelson – 3 – Valse de Melody
fsz047 – Chenard Walcker – Moo – feel so bad
fsz050 – the bath
wm050 zloty – 3 – smashing blouse
amon tobin – overwhelming forces
amon tobin – Foley Room Recorded Live In Brussels – live
big city orchestra – 1 cut
democracy in america
trojan set disc II track 29 and 30
chemistry cram record

ho ho ho. -oo

December 13th, 2008

Live Audio Tonight: Chenard Walcker and Free Sample Zone

at 08:57 ... ob: geek + music

Once again tonight brings 2 hours of tunes deliberately discovered for your listening pleasure. This evening from midnight to 2am Mountain time (11-1am Pacific), our home town FM transmitter will carry the sample happy creations of Chenard Walcker and company.

Keyword: plunderphonics.

Listen live at ksfr or, between Taos and Albuquerque, the old fashioned way at 101.1 FM Santa Fe.

November 30th, 2008

Gone through November

at 18:45 ... ob: travel

Carolinas to Boston followed by a loop through our beautiful Northwest has kept me away from the screens the past month… but I’m back, and it’s time for some snow!

Much love to everyone seen and unseen the past month — till next time!

Somewhere in Oregon…

October 23rd, 2008

comfort stand on undercurrents live set

at 11:42 ... ob: academic + audio + games + media + music + travel

ksfr 101.1 fm Undercurrents Wed 10/22 10p-12a // brought to you in its entirety over the still-analog frequency modulation waves of 101.1 FM Santa Fe White rock ksfr. Thanks Sean for the airtime — hope you enjoy the set. ;)!

All audio free and available at comfort stand, excepting “Dialogues on Democracy” and the intro.

fav release of the set from comfort stand: Økapi Bah! ( csr025 )

( ~1:10 : comfort stand recordings : )
Download: Oct 22 2008 – undercurrents – part 1 of 2

( ~50m : bran flakes : @30 dialogs on democracy + okapi )
Download: Oct 22 2008 – undercurrents – part 2 of 2

intro / tv victor — agai
comfort stand recordings
martinibomb — wakka chikka
the apartment – three forks – ohh what fun
beef humper – the glorious future of mankind part II – YesNo
Harlan – The Beat Maker – 4
Beef Humper – Complete Happiness
the apartment – dig a hole
harlan – 6beef – cloud nine
Dan Ake – Melophobia – Sojurn in the Cirque track 3ish onward —
Harlan – 3
Erick Gallun – Sound Field Furrows – ripchew
erick – clattuhr down
erick – lockgroover

2nd hour

The Bran Flakes – I Remember When I Break Down – side a
— 30 minutes —
Dale – Meet You At The 7-Eleven – part 4
Dialogues on Democracy, vol ii – western electric company – the voices of congress – 1966 – # 137672
— dewey decimal system filed 321.8 from santa fe high school — ‘Democratic systems’
Økapi – Bah! – Lester lounge (L.Bowie remix)
okapi – Intro/outro
økapi – Bah! (thanx 2 Plu)

September 3rd, 2008

LiBrArY sCiEnCe in Abq tonight

at 12:19 ... ob: geek

See you tonight at the Atomic Cantina ( 315 Gold Ave SW ) for Library Science and friends. Visiting from Seattle, the group includes two from sample happy the Bran Flakes and bring custom video and over 2000 LEDs with their setup. Do not be afraid folkies, instruments include a bass guitar, trumpet, and glockenspiel and they are playing with glampunkrockors prima donna.

Come along ;)

August 28th, 2008

Ubiquimee Ubiquitoo

at 18:10 ... ob: geek

This newish plugin from mozilla labs provides a keyboard interface between web services and allows for amazing new magic from any browser. Check out the video for a quick dazzle…

Favorite ubiquity commands at first glance —

command-list // Lists all available commands.
calculate // Calculates the value of a mathematical expression.
convert // Converts a selection to a PDF, to rich text, or to html.
map-these // Maps multiple selected addresses or links onto a single Google Map. (Experimental!)
syntax-highlight // Treats your selection as program source code, guesses its language, and colors it based on syntax.
translate // Translates from one language to another.

See also: Commands in the Wild , Ubiquity Command Suggestions.

Request/Todo: Gmail labels by keyboard, looks like it should be possible to code! ( Update: The code should be similar to the greasemonkey script for gmail, macros. )

August 10th, 2008

898 radio

at 09:47 ... ob: audio + media + music

From Friday night; 40 minutes of standbys to settle in followed by an hour of cabaret voltaire noiseish and erik satie on piano connected almost 100 years via dada.
[audio:http://herebox.org/media/20080809-twisted groove-898-radio-d1.mp3]
// classic skips // Pentagonik, Akufen, jAbstract, Anders Ilar
mp3: 0:00 – 0:40 – part 1 of 2
[audio:http://herebox.org/media/20080809-twisted groove-898-radio-d2.mp3]
// 898 dada // TV Victor, Cabaret Voltaire, Erik Satie, Efraín Huerta
mp3: 0:40 – 2:00 – part 2 of 2

August 5th, 2008

Go program at Portland State University

at 22:01 ... ob: geek

goban homePSU in Portland, Oregon is hosting the 2008 American Go Association’s Go Congress with over 500 in attendance.

Plenty of expert games with commentary all week broadcast on KGS and elsewhere. Also, watch the go computers close the gap…

Coming this Thursday, a top level human vs. computer game to be broadcast live :

Thursday, August 7 at 1 PM, when Kim MyungWan 8P takes on MoGo, the world’s strongest computer Go program. MoGo will connect remotely to a Dutch supercomputer boasting several teraflops. The game will be broadcast live on KGS.

( … remember these games? deep blue v kasparov 1997 game 6 )

July 31st, 2008


at 23:59 ... ob: geek

Abandon evildoing;
Practice virtue;
Even mind:


June 16th, 2008

links for the week

at 18:12 ... ob: Uncategorized

Shared bookmarks from here back 7 days. ( you? )

  • goosh.org – the unofficial google shell.
    enjoyable to use for many types of browsing… worth keeping around .
    tagged ( google )
  • Santa Fe Complex
    community studio for ( technology + science + art ) // santa fe
    tagged ( santafe santafenm science technology art communitystudio colla )

June 15th, 2008

twisted groove live set demf mutek abstract ksfr

at 20:48 ... ob: audio + media + music

June 2008 set from the twisted groove mixed and broadcast live on KSFR 101.1 Santa Fe, New Mexico public radio. dj adoch as me and two hours of solid audio for your listening pleasure ;).

* 12-1am – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 // upbeat fest // derrick may, richie hawtin, adam beyer from demf / movement 2006

* 1-2am – twisted groove – part 2 of 2 // up then ambient/offchord // swank, alex under, tom clark, matthew dear, deep chord, autechre, alex under, jerry abstract, akufen + spoken word ( the nation expands by standard oil )…

May 6th, 2008

adoch and hijack on the twisted groove

at 13:32 ... ob: audio + media + music

A new live set from last friday eve on KSFR 101.1 Santa Fe.

* 12-1am – twisted groove – part 1 of 2 // special guest dj hijack

* 1-2am – twisted groove – part 2 of 2 // dj food breaks, aphex twin, amon+prefuse, 1960s academic electronica, survival research labs, spoken word …

April 30th, 2008

april circuit twitter skateboard

at 23:53 ... ob: geek

April whizzed by bringing the end of both snow and school for some months. Spanish study continues…

In Minneapolis right now(!), bent festival circuit bending geekery.

Also a severely delayed nod toward twitter, where I finally signed on and encourage participation. If you haven’t seen/read the hype, it is a novel distribution network based on sharing short thoughts and happenings as text messages among a social network. Dodgeball is a similar service oriented more toward real-time proximity and location based messaging, but relatively useless outside major metros. I wonder at the apparent lack of regional features on twitter, and encourage location based addressing and subscription be further developed.

A few comments on the last video post results in a similar dirt shot, though my skills clearly favor the snow…